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After passing through the first tunnel, Himmel Soan found another eighteen tunnels.

Luckily, the dagger could save him from any deliberation.

He soon found the right path.

Just then, he noticed something strange.

There were a lot of severed strings here.

The strings were all intact in the first tunnel, but here, he found some broken ones.

It indicated that from now on, his choices might lead him into danger.

Although there were broken strings leading into all eighteen tunnels, there were intact ones, too.

Himmel Soan had no time to explore other tunnels.

He found the tomb very intriguing, but nothing was as important as Gina.

He still needed to find her first!


He was about to leave when the group leader caught up with him.

“Youre here.” Himmel Soan knew some of them would follow him, so he wasnt surprised.

“Sir, whats this” The group leader finally saw the surroundings.

He was dumbfounded when he saw the eighteen tunnels.

He had just made a difficult choice, but a harder one was waiting for him here.

Why was this happening

He was glad to have Himmel Soan here.

“Sir, why are there so many tunnels Will there be more in the next level” The female demon arrived at that moment and was equally astonished by the eighteen tunnels.

Himmel Soan said, “Since youve followed me here, Ill show you the way.

“The first tunnel on the left is the safest path, whereas the one in the middle is the most dangerous one.

“The higher the risk, the greater the opportunity.

Ive told you all you need to know.

Its up to you now.

“You can choose if you want to follow me.

Either way, I wont intervene again.”

Himmel Soan disappeared right after that.


He vanished into thin air.

He didnt let them see how he chose the tunnel.

Instead, he teleported into one of the tunnels.

He wanted these people to choose their own way, not follow him all the time.

He soon reached his next destination.

The tunnel led him to an arena.

Some of the strings were severed here.

There were bones all over the ground.

They used to be the owners of the broken strings.

The bones reminded Himmel Soan of when he first arrived.

That place was covered with bones, too, and the number was much greater.

He couldnt help but wonder what created that scene.

Here in the arena, he knew the bones must have been dead demons, but what about the place earlier What happened there Was it possible that so many demons had died there

Bones were easy to destroy, so he couldnt understand why they were just scattered on the ground.

It confused him.

Just then, he heard a cold voice.

“A Nascent cultivator.

You can pass after defeating the senior Nascent soldiers soul.”

A Nascent cultivator

“Is it talking about me”

Himmel Soan was woken up from his reverie.

He was the only person here so that Nascent cultivator must be referring to him.

“When did it examine me

“Did it determine my cultivation stage by my current capability

“Whats a soldiers soul”

Himmel Soan thought about those questions because they concerned him.

Specifically, he had to figure out why the system deemed him a Nascent cultivator.

He hadnt noticed any change in his body, but this system had already announced his current capability.

Himmel Soan was alarmed.

Just then, he saw a half-transparent figure ahead of him.

That must be the soldiers soul, a senior Nascent soldiers soul.

It couldnt pose any threats to Himmel Soan.

The soldiers soul wouldnt leave a scratch on him even if he stood there and let it strike him.

He could use this opportunity to study the soldiers soul as well as examine himself.

There must be a reason that this system could detect his capability.

“Is the soldiers soul a spirit”

Spirits were intangible things on Earth.

Even Himmel Soan hadnt had much to do there.

Therefore, he was very curious about this soldiers soul.

Shortly after, he studied the soldiers soul.

He was also interested in the way it attacked.

The attack itself couldnt hurt him at all.

If the soldiers soul could think, it would be shouting at Himmel Soan now.

How humiliating!

“I see.

The soldiers soul is the spirit and soul of a dead demon.

The demons probably have a way to keep the soul alive.

“Even though the soul can fight, it has no intelligence.

“Will the soul have the same capability as when it was still alive”

When Himmel Soan destroyed the soldiers soul, the voice spoke again.


Please proceed to the next location.”

It was the second time that the voice spoke to him, but he still couldnt figure out where it came from.

It was as if the voice had blended in with its surroundings.

A passageway opened up in front of Himmel Soan.

He sighed and stopped thinking about the voice.

His top priority was to keep pushing forward.

He moved on to the next tunnel while scanning himself.

Outsiders shouldnt have been able to examine him unless there were some parasites hiding inside him.

He was sure he didnt have any parasites, so it had to be another factor.

He had to figure it out.

After exiting the tunnel, he reached the next location.

The tunnel disappeared behind him as if it had never been there before.

“Found it.

Theres a streak of black spiritual essence!” Himmel Soan soon found the abnormality.

The black spiritual essence!

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