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It was a tiny streak of spiritual essence, not much different from ordinary spiritual essence.

That was why Himmel Soan hadnt noticed it until now.

That spiritual essence changed slightly when the tunnel closed.

If he hadnt been examining himself, he would have overlooked the abnormality again.

Although he had found it, he didnt know what to do with it.

“Should I destroy it Will there be repercussions”

He couldnt say for sure.

At least nothing had happened so far.

He didnt know about the future.

He was worried that the spiritual essence would run wild inside him.

“Firey, can you sense the streak of spiritual essence in me” Himmel Soan asked.

“Yes, I can.

Do you mean that black worm Its so disgusting! Want me to get rid of it” said Firey.

She had been in a deep sleep recently.

Having switched back to her original form, she didnt have much to do.

Therefore, she slept soundly and was woken up just now by Himmel Soan.

“Whats this place Master, when did we get here” She finally noticed her surroundings.

“Were inside the ancient demonic gods tomb.

Did you saya black worm” Himmel Soan asked her.

“Yes! Its a black worm!”

Hearing Fireys reply, Himmel Soan fell silent again.

A black worm

It looked like a spiritual essence to him.

He didnt think Firey was lying.

If she called a worm, it meant she saw it as a worm.

Maybe the problem was with him.

After all, the worm was in his body.

Maybe it had affected him, making him think that the worm was spiritual essence.

That was why there was a discrepancy between their cognition.

Himmel Soan drew in his breath.

If a worm was planted inside him without alarming him, this tomb would be more complicated than he had expected.

Was a worm put inside everybody who entered here


Himmel Soan felt something was wrong.

It smelt like an elaborate conspiracy.

However, he couldnt tell exactly what it was, at least not for now.

“Keep an eye on the worm and kill it when I tell you to,” said Himmel Soan.

“No problem!”

Firey didnt understand why her master wanted to leave a worm inside him.

Since he had given her the instruction, she would do as she was told to.


Im setting out.”

Himmel Soan ignored the worm because Firey was watching it for him.

He trusted her ability.

As for why not kill the worm now, Himmel Soan had his reasons.

This worm only appeared after he entered the tomb.

If it was part of a plot, killing it might alert certain parties.

He didnt want to disturb anybody.

He was here to find the demonic god.

It would be a pity if he was kicked out because of killing a worm.

As soon as he left that spot, the bald demons group arrived.

“Lets set up here for an ambush,” said the bald demon.

“Is that necessary

“Weve already come so far.

I think we should keep moving!” Imm was perplexed.

Despite their different opinions, Imm halted and listened to the bald demon.

Before, he would have left already.

Having seen the bald demons ability, Imm had begun to admire their team leader.

His capability aside, the bald demon knew this place like the back of his hand.

Therefore, Imm stopped opposing him.

“You saw earlier that the other two teams have joined hands to work against us.

“Were about to find our first prize.

Do I need to remind you what theyll try to do

“If we want to have a smooth journey, we must take them down!

“We also need a scout.

I dont suppose anybody here wants to volunteer.”

The bald demon explained to both Imm and the rest of his group.

They were on the same team now.

If what the bald demon said was true, they indeed had to get rid of the groups behind them.

It was for their own good!

Moreover, they needed a scout.

They felt the bald demon knew this place well, so they believed everything he said.

Since he mentioned needing a scout, the journey would become risky from now on.

Even the bald demon didnt want to take on such dangers and wanted someone else to explore the way.

The rest of the team also agreed to ambush the other groups.

They didnt want to explore the way for others.

Everything was ready.

They were now waiting for Ould and Hirbas groups.

They didnt need to wait for too long.

The tunnel opened again, and the other two groups showed up.

“Why are you here” Ould was shocked.

The bald demon had already left when they arrived at the arena.

Why was he still here

It almost seemed that the bald demon was waiting for them.

“Do you want to kill us” Hirba asked coldly.

“Why would I do that I need you alive!” The bald demon laughed.

Why would he kill his scouts

That would be a waste!

“Why are you still here, then” Ould pressed.

The bald demon said he wouldnt kill them, but who could know if he was telling the truth

Both Ould and Hirba were alarmed.

“Your group seems to have lost three members.”

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