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Chapter 91 Unreliable Underground Shelter

The countdown started at 9 pm tonight, 165 hours before the meteorite arrived.

Moon announced the first batch of cities that were going to be evacuated.

“Sky EyeV (verified account): The evacuation will start from the coastal cities and move inland.

The cities furthest from the Pegasus Grassland will be evacuated first.

One hundred twenty million people will be transferred.

The cities in question are…”

Moonians left the national flag emoji in the comment section below.

“This is great! The evacuation has started finally!” “I heard the meteorite is 165 hours away.

Keep up the good work, guys!” “My city is on the list! Nice! Dont worry.

Ill let you know what the place is like once I get there!”

Common Folk wrote, “Why dont we build metal arks @Sky EyeV (verified account) are you sure the underground shelter is safe enough What will happen during an earthquake Is the entrance sealed What if the Pegasus Grassland is flooded by seawater What if the meteorite happens to land on top of the shelter Can it withstand the impact”

Those were the questions many people wanted to ask but never dared to.

The post raised another round of discussion.

The fence-sitters jumped at the opportunity when they saw someone else had taken the lead.

“Thats right.

Why arent we building any metal arks”

“When a tsunami, volcano eruption, and earthquake hit us together, can we survive it Im really concerned.”

“@Sky EyeV (verified account) We have over 160 hours, and its not too late to start building that ark! We have the largest population in the world! It shouldnt be too difficult to build one in the next 48 hours! Sky Eye and the government should look into it!”

“Thats right! The underground shelter cant be the solution! An ark is our only hope! The government should listen to us! So should Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe!”

However, not everyone agreed with them.

“What makes you think youre the smartest person in the world If you can realize it, so can the officials! They would have built it a long time ago if they thought itd work.”

“So true.

Its not like we cant afford it! Dont treat everyone like a fool!”

“Our country was the first to know about this, and we had seven days to build it if we wanted to.

The government must have a good reason not to do that.

You people worry too much.”

“Why cant you do as youre told Stop bickering! Youre welcome to go to Neige if you dont like it here.

They have an ark.”

“Of course, I want to go, but I dont have that kind of money! Tell me.

If you had the opportunity, would you stay here or go to Neige Be honest!”

“Everyone knows were all staying here because we arent rich! Whats wrong with admitting the truth The underground shelter wont work! I dont care why theyre building it! I just dont want it!”

“Please build an ark!”

“Please build an ark!”

“Please build…”

More and more people began to protest.

Meanwhile, quite a few high-ranking officials also expressed the same view.

“Why arent we building an ark What are Director Lang and General Marlow thinking”

“An underground shelter isnt safe at all!” “Ill go talk to Director Lang.” “Wait! Im coming with you! You cant change his mind on your own.”

A few officials discussed among themselves and went to Henry Langs office together.

Henry was terribly busy at the moment.

He had only slept for five hours in the past two days.

Seeing his visitors, he knew why they had come.

He knew some of his subordinates were bound to question their decisions.

It wasnt just the shelter.

They might question the space cannon, too.

Even Henry himself didnt believe it at first.


The truth was, he didnt quite believe it even now.

However, he might not have faith in the shelter or the space cannon, but he had faith in Himmel Soan!

Himmel Soan was God.

It wasnt a metaphor.

It was a fact.

No human being could regain their youth as he did.

If he said it would work, then it would.

“What are you doing here Arent you supposed to be working on the evacuation” Henry smacked the files on the table.

“Get to the point.” “Director Lang, why are we building a shelter”

“To protect our people from the catastrophe, obviously.

Why are you even asking that question Do you think were building it for fun”

“But Director Lang, can it really save us from the disaster What if theres an earthquake What if the seawater floods the Pegasus Grassland What if the meteorite lands on top of us”

“Thats right.

Even 2km below the surface might not be safe enough, let alone 1km.

Its already dangerous to dig such a big hollow space underground.

A little external force can easily bring down the dome! So many people are going to be buried alive!”

Henry said, “Thats not something you need to worry about.

Just finish your task.

Leave those problems to other people.”


“How can we not worry! So many peoples lives are concerned! Director Lang, dont you care about them!”

“How dare you say that to me What kind of question is that Do you want to quit I wont stop you.

I already have too many things on hand.

Stop making more trouble for me!” The official frowned.

“Were not making trouble, but this concerns-“

“What Do you know more than Viclan and the other scientists They all agreed with this plan! Are you saying you can demolish their theories”

“No matter how great they are, even computers can make mistakes, let alone humans.

No one can guarantee that theyll always be right.

Direct Lang, please talk to them.

Its still not too late to build the ark!”

“Enough!” Henry smacked the desk and shouted, “Bring up the ark again, and youre all sacked! Its the countrys decision, and as the officials of this country, all you need to do is obey the order and carry out the plan! No more questions!”


“But what”

The official wanted to retort, but he stopped abruptly when he saw the look on Henrys face.

He sighed and led the others out of the office.


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