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Chapter 96 Let Himmel Soan Speak

The high-ranking officials in other countries couldnt wait to laugh at Moon.

“Patriarch, the public is furious.

Theyre demanding that you give them an explanation!”

“Go away!” Himmel Soan was working on the energy converter and the element extractor.

He didnt know where the spiritual essence originated from.

However, he could speculate.

Since spiritual essence could be generated by the human body, it had to come from one of the two sources: external or internal.

If it were a combination of the two, things would be more complicated.

Spiritual essence was definitely not a mixture of various types of energy.

However, the spiritual essence released by cultivators was a compound substance.

It sounded confusing, but it was, in fact, quite straightforward.

One would feel refreshed and uplifted when they came to places with beautiful scenery and fresh air.

That was the effect of spiritual essence.

Being a cultivator, Himmel Soan was the most qualified to speak on this subject.

All cultivators would find places with great spiritual essence to cultivate.

Spiritual essence lodes would be ideal for the task.

That was the spiritual essence of the natural world.

Martial arts practitioners would absorb such spiritual essence before releasing them, which would become a formidable force.

The spiritual essence released was different from the energy that was absorbed.

Cultivators dantian could refine the natural spiritual essence, making it more potent and effective.

The processed spiritual essence could heal wounds, destroy mountains, defend the body, and enable one to fly.

The processed spiritual essence was what Himmel Soan needed.

However, he needed to figure out how to process and refine it outside the human body.

He could see the structure of his dantian and the course the spiritual essence took inside him, but he had yet to figure out the principle behind it.

He had reached a critical stage when Warren stumbled in, telling him that he needed to offer an explanation.

Of course, he got angry.


“I said, go away!”

“Yes…” Warren lowered his head and left the room.

After he was gone, Himmel Soan picked up his phone and checked some comments online.

He sighed.

It wasnt easy to make people trust the underground shelters and the space cannon.

However, all the outstanding achievements in history had to go through difficulties, and it always took time for the general public to accept new ideas.

He would have explained to the public if he hadnt been so busy.

He knew how vital public opinion was.

He would be in big trouble if the people lost faith in him.

But something else was more important at the moment—the lives of people on Earth.

Without the space cannon, the energy cannon alone could never destroy the meteorite.

If he wasted time explaining to the public now and couldnt build the space cannon in the end, he really would become the sinner of the human race.

He knew he was onto something and was so close to getting it right.

All he needed was an epiphany, and he would figure out the principle of spiritual essence.

He would explain to the public after that.

120 hours to go.

After the “Himmel Soan the sinner” topic, something else went viral.

“No reply from Himmel Soan.

Tacit admission.”

Winish people wrote, “Its been ten hours, and that Himmel Soan hasnt said a word.”

Soilians wrote, “I heard hes only twenty years old.

What can he possibly know How can he be a scientist”

Woodians wrote, “Bull**! Hes just a fraud! His scam will get all the Moonians killed!”

Flamians wrote, “Himmel Soan is an idiot.

Moonians, please wake up and face reality.

Flamia is building arks as well, and we still have room left.

We welcome you to join us.

Although our countries have had some issues in the past, the human race should stick together in a global catastrophe like this.

Free feel to come to Flamia.”

Goldians wrote, “Flamia is so generous! Moon is our neighbor.

Although we dont have the most advanced arks, they can still provide some protection.

We welcome Moonians to join us.”

Pantherese wrote, “I thought Himmel Soan would make an explanation, but ten hours have passed, and he has remained silent! My fellow Pantherese, our allied country is in trouble, and we must give them a hand! I hope the Moonians will stop trusting Himmel Soan and start building arks! They can join us any time!”

Moonians wrote, “Mr.

Soan, we respect you, but why are you doing this Why wont you say something Are you afraid now Is it so hard to answer our questions The whole world is questioning your plan, and all we need is your guarantee, even if its not genuine.

However, you wont speak a word! Why Im so disappointed!”

“Bah! Stop calling him Mr.

Himmel Soan! I knew it! The underground shelters arent reliable! The whole world is building arks, but were still following that old fools order! Hes a fraud! I dont care.

Im going to Neige.

I dont have any money, but I have faith in Neige.

They wont let me die! Theyll save a spot for me on the arks! I dont mind washing dishes or cleaning the floor!”

“Shut up! You cant insult Mr.

Himmel Soan! Hes 200 years old!”

“Thats not an excuse! Plus, no one knows if he really is that old! Theres no way to verify! Even if hes 2,000 years old, he still cant risk the lives of all Moonians! Maybe hes too old to think straight.

He cant keep up with modern technology and can only come up with outdated methods! Why do you have to listen to him”

“Thats a harsh thing to say, but it makes sense! What Is the Soan empire still killing people now So be it! I have to speak my mind even if they kill me! Himmel Soan is an old fool! Our country will be destroyed if we keep following him! We need arks!”

“Patriarch, we cant control the public opinion anymore! Please say something!” Warren walked back and forth outside the lab.

Henry and Gordon were even more anxious.

They had been pacing around for hours, but Himmel Soan wouldnt open the door.

Suddenly, they heard Himmel Soans laughter.

Finally, he had figured out the principle of refining spiritual essence.

Once the most challenging part was over, the rest would be much easier.


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