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The boy was silent for a moment, then suddenly punched the bench with great force.

With a creak, the surface of the bench was damaged though not to a great degree.

“Gong Fan is dreaming if he thinks he can replace Youyou! It was only because Youyou took pity on him and didnt wish him to disappear, that he was willing to coexist with him.

Otherwise, given Youyous ability, its well within his means to completely destroy this personality! Now, hes treating Mommy and Youyou like this.

Hes a devil!”

The thought of that bloody scene hed encountered was heart wrenching! He could never bear for anyone to hurt Yun Shishi, so there was no way he could ever forgive Gong Fan!

“I will never forgive him!” Little Yichen gritted his teeth.


Gong Fan woke up to a splitting headache.

He held his forehead, not able to recall what had happened.

His memory seemed to stop at last night.

He vaguely remembered that at night, because of his gastric pain, he had found some random painkillers in the drawer.

He had taken four or five of them at once, ignoring the dosage.

After that, instead of feeling better, unexpectedly, he started to feel dizzy and had trouble breathing.

He curled up on the bed, thinking it was a side effect of the pills.

He tried to endure it and get through it, but he couldnt.

When he regained a little consciousness, he was in the hospital.

In the resuscitation room, in a daze, he felt the doctor pushing a tube down his throat.

As soon as the tube was inserted, Gong Fan shuddered and threw up everything in his stomach.

He tried to bend over, but the doctor forced him down.

At that point, the doctor treated him like a suicide patient.

Children under the age of three who came to the hospital for gastric lavage generally had ingested something by mistake.

However, those above the age of eight generally were those who took sleeping pills or pesticides to end their own lives.

Therefore, the doctors and nurses thought that Gong Fan was the same.

Seeing that he tried to sit up, they surrounded him nervously and held him down.

Being tortured that way, he started to regain consciousness gradually.

There was water all over the bed, and it was hard to tell the lavage fluid from the vomited content of his stomach.

He felt like a fish on a chopping block, struggling in pain, stung by the doctors and nurses icy expressions.

By the time the lavage procedure was over, Gong Fan was spent.

Immediately after, the nurse inserted a cannula into his wrist.

Then, he fell unconscious…

That was probably when the sedative started to take effect.

He began to have nightmares.

In the nightmares, he seemed to be floating in the air.

Below, his body lay still in the hospital bed.

He was motionless, his face was waxy white and looked lifeless.

Meanwhile, beside the bed, Yun Shishi was sitting on a small bench, carefully paring the fruit with a fruit knife, cutting the apple into segments.

Gong Fan had no idea what had happened.

He only felt the person on the bed sitting up.

He was shocked and didnt understand what was going on.

He even suspected that his personality had been exiled and wasnt in his body.

And his body actually moved on its own! Was it a dream But why were the sounds and images so real

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