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Chapter 1582: Smiling at Her Through the Crowd

“If anyone here only wants to think about their private grudges and how to beat down on the other party instead of uniting to win the competition at this time, then he or she should leave the team right away.

This is not a game or a joke.

Private grudges have no place at this time and place!”

Dong Jingxi said nothing else after lowering her head, preventing others from seeing the dissatisfaction on her face.

She felt that the schools leaders were favoring Lu Man and were afraid of offending her because of her status.

This was extremely unfair.

“Alright, follow Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong back to the practice room first,” Dean He instructed.

Everyone got up to leave when a voice sounded from the door, “Sorry to disturb.”

It was a voice Lu Man was very familiar with.

She turned in surprise and delight, seeing Han Zhuoli appear by the door.

Secretary Li took quick steps to Principal Liu, whispering, “Young Master Han brought Director Deng Xu over.”

Stunned, Principal Liu turned to look and saw Han Zhuoli entering with Deng Xu behind.

Han Zhuolis eyes first landed on Lu Man, smiling at her through the crowd.

Thankfully, Lu Man wasnt too far from him.

Principal Liu and the others were seated according to their positions at an oval table.

And after the first seat sat Lu Man.

“Young Master Han.” Principal Liu stood to shake his hand.

“You and Director Deng are…”

Han Zhuoli gave a small smile.

“I asked Director Deng if he could adjust his schedule and take out three days to help you all out.

You can discuss the details with Director Deng.”

Even Han Zhuoli couldnt request a director to help direct students for a whole week.

He knew that that was such an unreasonable request.

Deng Xu taking three days off was already a big favor for Han Zhuoli.

Everyone was stunned upon hearing Han Zhuolis words.

Who was Deng Xu

Deng Xu was someone who could win awards from both foreign major film festivals and local ones.

Including the Best Director Award and the Best Film.

Deng Xu no longer directed those commercial films.

He had his own style no one could imitate.

Though his movies werent the best-selling, their word-of-mouth reputation was never bad.

This was because there was a large group of loyal fans supporting the movies—not those of the actors but of the director, Deng Xu.

Thus, though the box office might not earn a staggeringly high amount, investors could still earn a significant sum.

The investors looked for more than money, they also cared about reputation and word-of-mouth.

His movies were harder to understand.

They needed to be watched a few times and slowly digested, picking apart every detail before you realize that move made held a meaning.

Such movies were harder to grasp for they lacked the “satisfaction” factor; hence, the box office sales would naturally be lower than those of blockbusters.

But there were loyal fans who never wavered the moment they fell in love with his movies.

Meanwhile, the movies also called for the actors to bring out their best.

Apart from his deep movies and how he swept many awards, Deng Xu was famous for realizing his actors deepest potential.

But getting to film Deng Xus movies was difficult.

Its difficult to be chosen, and if chosen, theres constant hardship during filming.

The physical exertion and difficulties were a given, but they also needed to carry on under Deng Xus strict demands.

How else could Deng Xu bring out the best in his actors

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