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Chapter 1636: Asking You for Help

Xia Yixin hung up angrily and then called Lu Man.

Her divorce only happened a while after she came back.

Before that, as Lu Mans elder sister-in-law, she had also exchanged phone numbers with her before.

However, when she called, it actually returned the same result as Tong Chunians number.

The call could not go through at all.

Lu Man also blacklisted her!

Why did she not think about how thoughtful Lu Man was as a person

When Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling made such a scene of their divorce back then, Lu Man already knew that there would come a time when Xia Yixin would regret it.

But there was no use even if she regretted it.

It was too late for regrets.

Xia Yixin definitely would not dare to go and find the Han Family people, so the most likely person she would look for was Lu Man.

Hence, before the two of them successfully divorced, Lu Man had already blocked her number, lest some things implicated her and put one in a difficult spot.

Xia Yixin furiously slammed her phone on the bed and started to think of finding a private detective to check it out.

She did not know who Shi Xiaoya was and had not been on Weibo for a very long time.

It was because of her divorce with Han Zhuoling.

Though the Han Family did not specify the reason for divorce…

Many people had still guessed it.

Many people went to bash Xia Yixin as a result.

They did not stop even until now.

Xia Yixin decided not to look at it, lest looking at it would bother her more.

Hence, she did not even know that there were fans who shipped Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya together.


Meanwhile, Han Zhuoling returned to the Han Corporation and still arrived earlier than the average employee.

The usual starting time for work at the Han Corporation was 9 am.

Han Zhuoling sent Shi Xiaoya off and took a roundabout turn before going to the office, but it was not even 8:30 am yet.

Han Zhuoling was a person who always planned his actions in advance.

He had already listed out all the work that needed to be done for the day, and Tong Chunian was already in his position.

Ton Chunian then sent a cup of coffee over to him.

Han Zhuoling took a sip of coffee to energize himself and then gave Wei Zilin a call.

Wei Zilin had just reached the office when he received Han Zhuolings call.

He was quite surprised as well.

“Yo, Brother Ling.”

He also saw the fiasco online.

He did not expect to receive Han Zhuolings call the very next day.

“I want to ask for your help with something,” Han Zhuoling said directly.

Wei Zilin had gotten used to Han Zhuolings directness in his requests.

It was quite good, no need for all those formalities.

Having to always say some formalities to start off could make one feel awkward as well.

Anyway, they both knew each other so well already.

“Hey, whats withasking for help” Wei Zilin smiled and said, “What is it, just tell me.”

“Theres this makeup artist called Yuan Yina,” Han Zhuoling said.

At the mention of makeup artist, Wei Zilin understood immediately.

“Whats wrong She bullied Shi Xiaoya”

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow and his eyelids twitched as well.

Wei Zilin snickered and said, “I also saw the Weibo posts last night.

There are signs of paid posters leading the sway of the discussion.”

He was no doubt the top PR manager in the industry.

He could see through the problem at once.

Before Lu Man appeared, Wei Zilin had always been the best in the industry.

Afterward, when Lu Man appeared, she became the only PR manager who could stand on par with Wei Zilin.

However, both of them usually focused on different areas and had never really crossed paths with each other.

Wei Zilin was mainly in charge of commercial brands public relations, while Lu Man focused on the entertainment industry.

There was never any overlap between their work.

Actually, it would be more suitable to look for Lu Man this time.

Lu Man was the most familiar with dealing with shady people in public relations.

However, thinking of how she needed to prepare for her competition, Han Zhuoling did not feel good to bother her with this.


Yuan Yina was the one who took the opportunity to hire paid commenters to smear Shi Xiaoya,” Han Zhuoling acknowledged.

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