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Chapter 1881: No Closeness Beats Biological Ties

Lu Man said softly, “Im fine, Mom.

To put it plainly, hes not related to me at all.

Why should I care”

“Right.” Shen Nuo nodded.

Lin Liye was fuming.

The family was harmonious and joyful, and that good relationship was being spoiled by Han Dongping.

What a sh*t-stirrer!

Not liking Han Dongpings actions, Old Mrs.

Han turned to Lu Man.

“Hows your mother Is she alright”

Han Dongping suddenly recalled that Lu Man was no longer a sad little nobody.

She had a step-father called Wang Juhuai.

Thus, Han Dongping finally reined it in.

He was no longer going overboard, but he was not too enthusiastic either.

No matter what, Shi Xiaoyas the one and only daughter of the Shi family.

As for Lu Man

Wang Juhuai was only her step-father.

Now that Xia Qingweis about to deliver, Wang Juhuai would have his own flesh and blood, and he would cool down towards Lu Man.

No closeness beats biological ties, right

“Shes great, rest assured.

She recently went for a prenatal checkup.

Her weight, blood sugar, and all other indicators fall within the acceptable range.

Shes expected to deliver in about a month,” Lu Man said, smiling.

“Thats good.” Xia Qingweis pregnancy could be said to be a high-risk one.

Plus, shes about to deliver, so everyone couldnt help worrying.

Seeing that Han Dongping had toned it down, Old Mrs.

Han then turned to Shi Xiaoya.

“Did Zhuoling perform fine when he went to your house yesterday”

“Of course.” Shi Xiaoyas look that said “naturally” made everyone chuckle.

“Mom and Dad like him so much.”

“Glad he didnt fall short on courtesies.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded happily.

“Zhuolings not a sweet-talker like Zhuofeng.

Hes the most reserved among us.

I was just afraid that he wouldnt know how to make your parents happy and go along with them.”

“No, my parents knew his character, and they even said hes steady,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

Actually, Han Zhuoling was extremely conversational yesterday, making Shi Guanzhong very happy in the process.

But Shi Xiaoya felt that she could not say that here.

Han Zhuoling was so solemn at home, yet hed easily humored her parents.

No matter how genuine Old Mrs.

Han was, she probably wont be that comfortable hearing that.

Han Zhuoling could sense her thoughts in her words and he winked at her.

Shi Xiaoya returned his look, saying in her mind that shes helping him.

Han Zhuoling smiled.

Everyone watched silently as they eyed each other, then observed that Han Zhuoling really liked Shi Xiaoya.

When he looked at her, love oozed from all his pores.

When Shi Xiaoya had just arrived, Old Mrs.

Han had tightly restrained herself from pulling her away to discuss wedding dates.

They barely started dating; she didnt want to scare her off.

If she did, Han Zhuoling would have nowhere to look for another girlfriend.

Things thankfully went well when he brought her home.

Everyone chatted a bit more after lunch, then left the house during the late afternoon to let the two elders rest.

Because Han Zhuofeng did not come, Lin Liye brought her own chauffeur.

At the gate, Han Xijin and Shen Nuo left first.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man said their goodbyes to Lin Liye and the others.

After they departed, Lin Liye said to Han Zhuoling, “You send Xiaoya home.

The chauffeur came with me.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling did not insist.

Han Dongping could have left earlier, but he purposely took his own sweet time walking around, refusing to leave.

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