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Chapter 1961: So Troubling

Chi Xingrui nodded.

“I got it.

I will find that person outright when we get back!”

How interesting.

They were earning money from the Han Corporation, yet that person wanted to set up Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

What kind of mentality was that!

“Go back and rest earlier.

When theres nothing going on tomorrow, you should observe secretly too.

See who is more likely to be that person and narrow down the scope first,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Dont let anyone sense that anything is amiss.”

“Okay.” Chi Xingrui walked towards the door.

“Dont worry, Id rather be so careful that I wont be able to find the person for the moment rather than raise the alarm.

We dont only have tomorrow to do it.”

“Hmm.” Lu Dongliu sent Chi Xingrui off and started to think about how they should handle the matter after they found that person.

This person, who could drag their whole production team down just for a little bit of personal gain, was someone he could no longer keep.

But as to exactly how he should handle the matter when the time came, be it sending him to another production team in the station or just firing him directly, he would still have to discuss it internally within the station.

Lu Dongliu sighed.

This was really so troubling.


Han Zhuoling carried the takeout with him to the room.

He opened the takeout boxes as he said to Shi Xiaoya, “When I went downstairs to collect the order just now, I happened to bump into Lu Dongliu and the others who came back from supper.”

Given Shi Xiaoyas understanding of Han Zhuoling, even if Han Zhuoling chatted with her casually, he would also talk about things that concerned the two of them.

Han Zhuoling felt that the two of them had not known each other for long, so they did not have a deep understanding of each other.

Hence, he would talk about things that concerned the two of them when they were chatting to increase their understanding of each other.

Han Zhuoling felt that he did not even have enough time to get to know about Shi Xiaoya, so how would he waste time talking about other people with her

So when Han Zhuoling mentioned Lu Dongliu just now, Shi Xiaoya felt that there was something going on.

She became serious and asked, “Is there something wrong on their end”

Han Zhuoling passed a pair of disposable gloves to Shi Xiaoya and said, “Lu Dongliu said that it was Liu Enxiao whod suggested that they all go out to eat supper.”

When he said that, Shi Xiaoya understood what he meant.

“And, besides not inviting the guests, she also left out the other five makeup artists,” Han Zhuoling said.

“As to what reasons she used exactly, Lu Dongliu did not know either.

But you can go and ask her roommate, she might know something about it.”

These things, they were only details.

Even without asking, Shi Xiaoya also knew why Liu Enxiao had excluded them.

She just wanted to leave her behind and draw Lu Dongliu away.

So that when Zheng Xuexin came to pester her, no one would be able to help her.

This had all been planned carefully, step by step by Liu Enxiao.

Shi Xiaoya just could not really understand why she did that, because she did not have any competitive relationship with Liu Enxiao at work.

They were all working in the same production team and had the same position.

There was no need to compete.

Outside of the production team, the two of them did not compete against each other for any job either.

Much less having any conflicts of interest between the two of them.

Why did Liu Enxiao have to set her up like this

Could it just be because she disliked her

If it was just because of this reason, that would be too ridiculous.

Just because she disliked her, she wanted to set her up

Speaking of that, there were a total of six makeup artists, including her in the production team.

The other people all got along very well with her and did not have any ill intentions.

What exactly was that Liu Enxiao thinking

Since she could not figure it out, Shi Xiaoya decided to not think about it anymore.

But she could go and seek confirmation again from Yu Zhenzhen tomorrow.

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“No need to bother about people that dont matter.

Not everyone needs a logical reason to do evil.”

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