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Chapter 2016: Whoever Let Go First Is the Dumbf*ck

“And its good enough as long as the one he loves now is me.

His love for me is more important than anything, and it can also make me feel infinitely secure.

Because I am sure, as long as he loves me, its as good as a silent promise.

He can make me trust him so wholeheartedly.

Even if we arent married, he would still not betray me a single bit.

“So why would the things that happened in the past count Its not his fault to begin with,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Since thats the case, why should I mind He is so good that I can disregard anything in his past, let alone a small matter like his past with you.

Who hasnt met a scumbag in their past Plus, the marriage with you was not his own intention to begin with.

Why should I be bothered by an insignificant presence”

Xia Yixins face turned uglier and uglier the more Shi Xiaoya spoke, and the whole process was a fantastic sight.

Xia Yixin was so enraged that her chest heaved unsteadily.

She actually did not know that this new one that Han Zhuoling had found was actually so good with her words!

Shi Xiaoya scoffed and said, “Also, you think too highly of yourself.

If I really minded, I would probably only mind the fact that such a fine man like him had been tainted by such a disgusting woman like you.

As for the rest, what is there for me to mind Such a good man, I cant even wait to cling to him my entire life with my hands.”

Shi Xiaoya stood up and looked down on Xia Yixin literally as she said, “Whoever let go first is the dumbf*ck.”

Xia Yixin was so enraged by Shi Xiaoyas words that she sprang up to her feet instantly.

She pointed her finger right at Shi Xiaoyas nose, shaking in anger.

“You really act quite well in front of Han Zhuoling, huh! You look like such an innocent rabbit on the show, pretending to be so harmless.

How disgusting.

Now that Han Zhuoling is not around, you revealed your true colors,” Xia Yixin said angrily.

“You are the disgusting one! What are you pretending for!

“Pretentious white lotuses[1] like you disgust me the most!”

Coincidentally, there happened to be a cooled-down cup of tea left by Guo Yujie previously right beside Xia Yixins hand.

Xia Yixin reached for it, intending to take it up.

Shi Xiaoya had long preempted this move of hers.

Seeing her movements, she quickly dodged while opening the lid of the teapot filled to the brim with hot tea, then splashed it all over Xia Yixins face and body.

The tea was scalding hot, but because there was still some cooled down tea left in the teapot from earlier mixed with the refill, the tea was not scalding enough to the point of disfiguring a person.

At most, her skin would swell red from the burn and be too hot to the touch, as the burnt area would hurt as if it was on fire.

Shi Xiaoya pursed her lips.

She had played together with Qin Zigou since she was young.

Qin Zigous methods were way more ruthless.

She could not be like him, but she did learn a trick or two.

This woman really thought she was a pushover, such that any kind of trash could run up to her and make a fuss.

On top of having Han Zhuoling in the lead with her all the time, she was also influenced by and learned from him.

Be it her methods or her aura, although Shi Xiaoya was not imposing, she was not one to be easily trifled with.

She had her family and friends supporting and laying the foundation for her, so she had always been very confident and never feared anything.

She was just Xia Yixin.

Whatever method she used, she was really not afraid.

As for Xia Yixin, she had been scalded by this hot tea until she screamed and wailed out loud.

Shi Xiaoya had poured a whole teapot of tea over her, and she did not waste the tea leaves in the process either.

They were hanging all over Xia Yixins hair, face, and even her body.

Xia Yixin could not be bothered with these tea leaves or whatsoever now.

Her face and the back of her hand had swollen into a big patch of red from being scalded by the hot tea.

[1] Derogatory term to refer to promiscuous women who pretend to be innocent

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