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Chapter 2030: He Was Really… Old but Vigorous

Han Zhuoling laughed in anger and said resignedly, “I know.

Im just reminding you now that youre not a kid anymore.”

Shi Xiaoya had not yet recovered when she got carried into her bedroom downstairs.

It was very near and convenient.

Han Zhuoling placed her down on the bed.

When he pressed down on her, he even said sentimentally, “Its really quite convenient to have bedrooms above and below.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuoling pressed his forehead against Shi Xiaoyas forehead and chuckled lightly.

“Now it really feels real that were living together.”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that Han Zhuoling also felt the same way.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around Han Zhuolings neck.

“This is really good.”

She could see him every day.

The first thing shed see when she opened her eyes would be him.

The last thing shed see before she closed her eyes would also be him.

Every day would feel so secure.

Han Zhuoling moved his hands to the back of her waist.

He exerted a bit of force and hugged her tight in his arms, lowering his head to kiss her lips.

Although their apartments were now connected, he still felt like wanting her in her bedroom.

Without the hesitation he had last night because it was her first, Han Zhuoling was much more unrestrained tonight.

In her dizzy state, Shi Xiaoya thought hazily about how Han Zhuoling had already shown last night how good his physical strength was, even saying that he was not old at all.

She did not expect that he was actually being humble back then.

His physical strength was way too good.

He was really… old but vigorous!

Luckily, Han Zhuoling did not know that Shi Xiaoya was thinking about all this nonsense in her mind right now.

If he knew, he would be angered until he spat blood, then make Shi Xiaoya retract the word “old.”

What “old but vigorous” To think she could think of that!


Perhaps because Xia Yixin had been scalded, it was inconvenient for her to come out to meet people, so there was a period of time when she did not come out to cause trouble.

Shi Xiaoya had guessed correctly that Xia Yixin indeed wanted to sue Shi Xiaoya.

She could not get injured for nothing!

She had not been able to tell that Shi Xiaoyas personality was actually so shrewish given her delicate and weak appearance!

Xia Yixin thought that since she was a rich girl, shed certainly not have the fighting prowess of a commoner like Shi Xiaoya.

If she were to really fight, she did not know how to either!

After all, she was a cultured person.

Among the lessons shed received since she was young, there was never one for fighting shrews.

But she could not just suffer for nothing!

Shi Xiaoya hurt her, but nothing happened to Shi Xiaoya.

How could that be possible!

Did she really think Xia Yixin was a pushover!

So, Xia Yixin wanted to sue Shi Xiaoya.

She first sent someone to the restaurant from that day to ask for the surveillance camera video of that time.

Alas, the surveillance camera video of her being splashed hot tea by Shi Xiaoya was gone.

To be more accurate, the video recording was there, but the only part that was missing was when Xia Yixin approached Shi Xiaoya.

During that time period, the surveillance camera video recording suddenly blacked out.

When the screen resumed, both Shi Xiaoya and Xia Yixin were no longer in the restaurant.

This matter was of course done by Han Zhuoling.

And Han Zhuoling had thought about it in very accurate detail.

If he only deleted video recordings containing Shi Xiaoya, leaving only Xia Yixin behind, one could still be able to infer that the other customer at that table was Shi Xiaoya.

Only by removing traces of Xia Yixin could there be insufficient evidence.

As for witnesses.

The restaurant did not want to look for trouble, and with Han Zhuoling intervening in the matter, the restaurant just treated it as if nothing happened before.

And they pretended to not remember Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin wanted to ask for the recording, and the restaurant was very cooperative.

Anyway, there was nothing in the surveillance camera recordings.

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