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Chapter 2078: Nobody Was as Cheeky as the Two of Them

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Shi Nancang thought to himself, “Was this the whole point”

He was about to say something when Du Yiqin dragged him aside, not giving him a chance to speak.

In front of Wang Juhuai and his wife, as well as Han Zhuoli and his wife, it was not appropriate for him to say much to Shi Xiaoya.

Du Yiqin nodded and said, “With you around, I can be assured.”

“Alright, well get going first,” Du Yiqin continued.

Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin then formally bade farewell to Wang Juhuai and his wife before dragging Shi Nancang away to leave with them.

On the way back, Shi Nancang even said, “How can you let Han Zhuoling off so easily! This is too preposterous.

He just got together with Xiaoya not long ago, but now hes already coaxed Xiaoya to live with him.”

“The two of them are already living together, its too late to say anything now!” Du Yiqin smacked him in annoyance and said, “You are really too much.

Dont keep picking on Han Zhuoling.

The two of them are dating properly, so dont behave as if youre guarding against a thief.

I know you dote on your younger sister, but you have to give them space as well.”

“Guarding against a thief even We didnt even manage to guard against him.

If I really wanted to keep picking on him, how could I have let him move in with Xiaoya” Shi Nancang said, feeling helpless.


Zhuolings character, we can all trust.

I believe you can trust him too, or else you wouldnt have agreed to let Xiaoya be with him.

I think he has decided on Xiaoya already.

He is a man who honors his word.

As long as he is set on it, he wont change his mind easily,” Du Yiqin persuaded.

“Anyway, Xiaoya is already a grownup.

We shouldnt keep making decisions for her.

She has the right to make decisions for herself.

If she likes it, as long as theres no issue, we should support it.”

What else could Shi Nancang say

Shi Nancang went back to his own apartment on his own.

Du Yiqin and Shi Guanzhong brought along their chauffeur and went home together.

Both of them sat in the car.

Du Yiqin then sighed and said, “In the blink of an eye, Xiaoya has also grown up.”

She had already started cohabiting with her boyfriend.

When she was young, she would run and jump around her.

It was as if that was just yesterday when it happened.

And Du Yiqin even had a premonition.

That Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were not far off from marriage.

Her premonition had always been accurate.

And Du Yiqin really trusted Han Zhuoling from the bottom of her heart.

It was probably because Han Zhuoling had an aura that made people believe him.

From the moment he stood before her eyes, Du Yiqin already had confidence in Han Zhuoling.

Although she supported Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya just then, aside from trusting Han Zhuoling, she also did not want to put Shi Xiaoya in a spot.

But her heart more or less felt sentimental.

Her daughter had grown up.

Shi Guanzhong patted the back of Du Yiqins hand and did not say anything.

He was feeling very somber now too!

After sending off the Shi family trio, only Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, Wang Juhuai, Xia Qingwei, and little Wang Yijun were left at the entrance now.

Of course, there was also Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling then gave a half-smile as he turned to look at Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Nobody was as cheeky as the two of them!

Han Zhuoli did not feel guilty at all and said, “Big Brother, you didnt ask your in-laws and Xiao Shi to go for a housewarming”

The corner of Shi Xiaoyas eye twitched.

What on earth was “Xiao Shi”

Xiao Shi was referring to her older brother, right

Thinking of Shi Nancang being called Xiao Shi sounded really amusing.

How could she look straight at Shi Nancang in the eye from now on

The moment she saw him, she might just think of this nickname, “Xiao Shi.”

In the past, they were not familiar or close with each other, so her relationship with Han Zhuoli was just that of a boss and a makeup artist contracted under his company.

She did not know that Han Zhuoli was actually so cheeky in private.

Usually, he looked cold and aloof to outsiders.

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