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Chapter 2131: Dont Do Anything Rash

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Xia Yixin had gone and smeared Han Zhuolings girlfriends reputation.

How could Han Zhuoling let her off

Who knew which lawyer the Han Family would send out

This lawyer was not confident deep down.

“The best and easiest way out now is to opt for private mediation,” the lawyer said.

“If you can make Shi Xiaoya drop the charges, then nothing will happen.

“Actually, your situation simply got blown out of proportion.

You made Shi Xiaoyas reputation take a hit, and they are unhappy about that, so they came and sued you.

Its that simple,” the lawyer said.

“If you agree, I will contact Shi Xiaoyas lawyer.

Well see under what terms and conditions Shi Xiaoyas side will be willing to opt for private mediation.”

Xia Yixin did not want to bow down to Shi Xiaoya.

In her eyes, mediation meant bowing down.

She had just mocked Shi Xiaoya at the gala earlier on.

In the blink of an eye, she had to bow down to Shi Xiaoya to admit defeat

But Xia Yixin did not want to go to jail even more.

“Mediation is possible,” Xia Yixin said.

The lawyer exhaled a little.

Even so, he felt that it was unlikely that Shi Xiaoya would be willing to mediate.

When it came to reputation losses, not anyone would be willing to accept money for mediation.

Especially when they did not lack money themselves.

But at least Xia Yixin was willing to bow down and cooperate, so there was still a bit of hope in the matter.

The worst was if Xia Yixin remained stubborn and refused to concede.

Xia Yixin thought about it and said, “Tell my mom that in my computer, in a folder labeledsl*t, theres a video.”

The corners of the lawyers mouth twitched.

What kind of name did Xia Yixin use

Just how big was her hatred

“When she sees the video, she should know how to discuss the mediation with Shi Xiaoya,” Xia Yixin said.

The lawyer instantly felt a wave of helplessness crash down.

“Dont do anything rash!”

Could she not just discuss a mediation properly

Even if she had a very good attitude and sincerely wanted to seek mediation, Shi Xiaoya might not even agree to it.

What kind of trouble did she want to stir now

Judging from what Xia Yixin said, there was definitely something in that video that could threaten Shi Xiaoya.

Her demeanor certainly did not look like that of someone who was sincere about mediating with the other person.

“Im telling you, dont do anything rash!” the lawyer said.

“This will violate my professional conduct.

I am not allowed to do such a thing.”

Xia Yixin laughed and said, “But Im not asking you to do anything.

Im asking my mom to do it.

I also didnt tell you what to do.

I just left something on my computer, and I need my mom to go take a look at it.

Exactly what will be done, thats up to my mom to decide.

I didnt say anything, and I didnt ask you to break the rules either.

All the more you dont need to worry that you will cross the line and harm yourself instead.”

The lawyer minced his lips.

She regained her senses at this moment.

“Dont forget.

You are hired with my familys money.

The requests that I make, you have to fulfill them,” Xia Yixin warned coldly.

The lawyer returned a cold smile.

He was just doing as he was told for money.

If Xia Yixin wanted to court her own death, and he could not stop her, then he would just let her go to hell as she wished.

After talking to Xia Yixin, he went to find Cen Mengqing and told her what Xia Yixin said.

Cen Mengqing did not know what was in it, but just like the lawyer, she could guess what Xia Yixins intention was.

Cen Mengqing did not have as many worries as the lawyer.

She just wanted to quickly save Xia Yixin now.

She did not dare to delay any further and immediately went home.

And the charity gala She could no longer care about that anymore.

When she went back home, Xia Zhancheng was at home.

Cen Mengqing had contacted their companys lawyer.

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