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Chapter 2245: Luckily, the Two of Them Were Not in the Same Team

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Han Zhuoling asked Lu Dongliu jokingly, “Can I change teams, then Can I go over to their side What they said makes sense.

Anyway, if I faced off against Xiaoya, I would definitely help her.

At the very least, I would withdraw.

Its not possible for me to really compete against her.”

Lu Dongliu sweated as he said, “That definitely wont do.

We already drew the lots.”

Shi Xiaoya said, “Dont worry, I will definitely be disqualified very early on, so we wont face each other.”

“Young Master Ling, does that mean that as long as you dont see Xiaoya, you wont help them” Cao Jingcheng asked.

“Of course, Im still in our team!” Han Zhuoling said indignantly.

Zhang Shuidong said nervously, “You actually know youre in our team!”

Shi Xiaoya was laughing happily on the opposite side.

“Then I will try my best to hide from him.”

Han Zhuoling did not say anything and just looked over coldly.

His intentions could not be more obvious.

“You dare.”

“Tsk, tsk.

The show just started, and we got a huge bout of PDA already.

Luckily, they are not on the same time,” Liu Chuanhui said jokingly.

After saying that, he even turned and said to Shi Xiaoyas videographer and follow director, “The two of you can take it a little easier.”

The videographer brother and director scoffed!

This time was different from the scheming competitions of the past as they adopted a team-level play.

There was a mission for every round, so there would not be a situation where a team member would get disqualified.

Of course, the team that passed the round first would definitely get higher points.

This would be used to decide the final winner.

This time, a team-level play would decide who would attain victory, not an individual battle.

For the first round, they were playing relay Klotski.

Everyone went to the beach.

Running on sand would naturally be slower, because when the foot landed, it would sink into the sand.

And because of the softness of the sand, it would not be good to exert strength, so it was different from usual running.

The two teams lined up accordingly.

Fifty meters away, there were two boards around the height of a person, with foam boards embedded on them.

“The first round is relay Klotski.

Members from each team are to run over and can only move one piece at a time.

The team that passes the round first wins,” Chi Xingrui said behind the camera.

As Shi Xiaoyas team had a total of three celebrities, including herself, they were on the losing end for the fitness aspect.

But luckily, Lan Jiexin was able to run as fast as the other teams members.

Zhang Shuidongs fitness was not very good.

Shi Xiaoya was trailing behind him, but not too far away from him.

When it came to Peng Zhen, she lagged quite far behind.

But the importance lay in the participation, after all.

The team on this side did not look down on the three ladies and cheered for them together.

Han Zhuolings fitness was good, along with his intelligence.

He glanced into the distance and already thought of how to play the game, and he even told the others how they should play their move.

On Han Zhuolings side, it was no surprise that they won the first round.

“Its fine, its fine! We still have a chance afterward!” Liu Chuanhui said.

For the subsequent rounds, there were some wins and losses, and there were instances where Han Zhuoling lost without anyone sensing anything amiss.

Or else, if he kept ruining the scenes, the variety effect would not be good when the show aired.

The only interlude was that in Han Zhuolings team, as the only female celebrity, Ni Xue used the chance when doing the missions together to keep leaning close to Han Zhuoling.

But luckily, she was smarter than Jiang Yuhan and the others and did not make it so obvious.

At most, she just looked a little sl*tty.

But no matter whether it was the guests or the staff, they had seen countless such incidents.

Who here did not know what she was thinking

They just did not expect that though his legitimate girlfriend was here, Ni Xue would still dare to have such intentions.

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