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Chapter 2329: A Fail

Anyway, this would not be the first time theyd lost.

To put it more precisely, they had never won before.

One more loss was within the boundaries of what they could accept.

In this way, the mentalities on both sides were different, so it became such that Lu Mans side was more stable.

Although the results of the competition were not important, they came precisely because they could improve themselves.

Which was why now, when they saw that everyone had improved, they thought that at least they did not come for nothing.

This was already a huge benefit.

After Howell gave feedback one by one, the only ones left to give feedback to were Lu Man and Howard.

Everyone gave Howard and Lu Man space.

The two of them suddenly found themselves standing in the center spot.

Howard had been so arrogant previously, looking really confident.

But when it really came to the moment, he was actually very nervous.

“As for the competition between Howard and Lu Man…” Howell stared at the two of them.

Howard stared at Howell nervously, his breath quickening rapidly.

Howell said, “Lu Mans performance stands out more.”

“Thats impossible!” The moment Howells words landed, Howard had cried out in agitation.

“How can I be worse than her!”

“Because you had the wrong mentality.

You wanted to show yourself off too much, so the more you acted, the more exaggerated it became, which became really incompatible with the whole performance.” Howell did not seem to care about Howards complaints at all and said, “This was a performance that required everyone to cooperate together to complete.

Its not an individual show of yours.

Even the main character cant just focus on expressing himself or herself, much less you.

“Lu Man did not have any direct lines with you, but the student that did have lines that matched with Lu Man cooperated really well with her, so their performance was very compatible and they were completely immersed in the world of the play.”

“Thats true.” Scarlett, the student that had lines that matched with Lu Man, said, “Acting together with Lu Man felt especially comfortable.

Previously, Id watched Lu Mans competition video and did not really feel anything.

But when it was my turn to go up with her, I realized that we could cooperate so well.

“I didnt know Lu Man beforehand and had never rehearsed with her either.

The performance this time was our first time acting together on stage.

I could totally feel that our chemistry was being controlled by Lu Man.

She was willing to cooperate with me, to give me more chances to express myself.

Subconsciously, I also returned the favor and cooperated even more with Lu Man, such that both of us made each others performance flow even more easily.

“Lu Man made me appreciate that, actually, with a good matching actor, performing becomes such a comfortable thing to do.” Scarlett gave Lu Man a friendly smile and said, “Thank you so much.

I wont comment on the teams capability, but based on individual capability, I am really not your match.

You are very capable.”

“For a partner actor to be able to sense my goodwill and reciprocate, this is also something that is very rare to come by.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I am also very happy to have worked with you.

You were really great.”

Scarlett smiled happily.

Howell nodded and said, “But Howard, you gave your partner actor a very difficult time.

When you performed, you were completely unable to let him exercise his skills.

You kept on showing yourself off, disrupting the pace of the stage performance, so he could only keep adjusting himself to cooperate with you.

“Yet you didnt understand his good intentions.

Each time, after he cooperated with you, you started changing the pace again, getting worse with each time, forcing your partner into a corner until he had no space to maneuver at all.

This kind of performance looks really ugly.

Theres nothing nice to watch about it.”

Howell then said, “Howards partner, Fred, B .

Howard, you failed.”

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