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Chapter 2483: Did Not Let You In

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It could make the elders feel assured and also prevent them from feeling unhappy.

So she planned to go over and persuade Han Zhuoli.

Alas, the moment she began to go over, Xia Qingwei stopped her.

“Dont go.

Didnt we already agree You both cannot meet,” Xia Qingwei also said.

“You two, seriously.

Isnt it just one night

“Counting in the time you two stayed together before you two collected your marriage certificates, thats quite a while already,” Xia Qingwei said.

“How come up until now, you two still cant bear to be apart for even one night”

“…” Lu Man felt a little embarrassed because of what Xia Qingwei said.

She blushed and said, “No, its not that I want to let him in.

I was going to persuade him to leave.”

Xia Qingwei stared at Lu Man for a while, but her disbelief remained clearly written all over her face.

Lu Man: “… ”

Although she and Han Zhuolis relationship was especially good, in the elders eyes, were the two of them so clingy

Xia Qingwei waved her hand and said, “Enough.

Anyway, the two of you cant see each other.

Even if you just want to persuade him, you two still cant meet.

But you two can call each other.

You can give him a call and quickly persuade him.

Dont let him stand at the door and annoy your dad.

Back then, when I married your dad, did the two of us stay together Your dad also kept to it strictly and didnt dare to come over.”

Lu Man smacked her head.

“Look at me, I was so busy preparing for the wedding that I forgot.

I actually forgot about this.

Even if I cant meet him, I can give him a call.”

Not only did she become dumber, but even Han Zhuoli had become dumber as well.

If he missed her, he could call her.

But he even came over and got blocked outside the door by Wang Juhuai.

Lu Man quickly took her phone and left.

Xia Qingwei smiled and shook her head.

These two silly children.

Usually, each of them was extremely astute, yet when it came to this moment, they actually both became dumb.

Its fine if Lu Man did not remember it.

But even Han Zhuoli did not remember that he could still call her.

He was still quibbling with Wang Juhuai at the entrance right now.

As the saying goes, the older, the wiser.

Back then, when she and Wang Juhuai got married, although they could not meet the day before the wedding, Wang Juhuai had still spoken to her over the phone for two hours.

Thinking about it, Xia Qingwei even blushed.

The two of them were already quite old, yet they kept saying some childish things over the phone, as if they had endless things to say to each other, talking non-stop.

Thinking about it afterward, the things they said were pretty meaningless.

On this side, Lu Man walked over with her phone.

Just when she was about to call, at the entrance, a car stopped at a near distance behind Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli was quibbling with Wang Juhuai right then and did not notice it.

Until Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya got off the car and he heard Shi Xiaoyas very spirited voice greeting, “Uncle Wang.”

“Xiaoya! Zhuoling, both of you are here,” Wang Juhuai said as he smiled.

When Xia Qingwei heard the sound at the door, she also went out to welcome them.

“Quick, come in, come in,” Xia Qingwei said, smiling.

Right after that, without waiting for Han Zhuoli to do anything, she said, “Im not saying this to you, I didnt let you come in.”

Han Zhuoli felt speechless.

Was this his mother-in-law

Xia Qingwei had just killed Han Zhuolis thought of muddling over the situation and entering together with Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoli turned and asked Han Zhuoling, “Why did you both come”

“Im here to do makeup for Man Man.

Man Man said itd really be too tiring for me to come over at four in the morning, so shes just letting me stay over today,” Shi Xiaoya explained with a smile.

Han Zhuoling said right after that, “Im here to send Xiaoya.”

After saying that, he looked at Han Zhuoli cheekily, along with a hint of glee in his eyes, and said, “Cant enter”

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