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Chapter 2553: How Dare You Ruin it

“Yan Beicheng didnt say what he was going to do until the dinner ended.

He said that Sheng Yue will not show any hospitality to anyone from Trubo.

However, this statement only showed that Yan Beicheng himself refuses to destroy his relationship with Trubo.

“Yan Zhiqing was so enraged that she exposed all these on her own.

But why did she have to put my picture up when exposing CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang She must have taken that opportunity to attack me!”

Lu Xiuse was so furious that tears welled up in her eyes.

“She knows that if she doesnt get the position of spokesperson, then it will be very likely me wholl get it, so she tried to sabotage and ruin my chance, preventing me from getting the position.”

Lu Xiuse was shaking with rage.

She had really suffered to get this position.

Not only did she provide CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang special services, but she also had to do the same for Edwood.

She didnt want to sleep with other people in exchange for more resources.

This was not something that she could get used to even as the number of times increased.

It was fine if they were young and handsome.

But she had to accompany ugly and old people like CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang.

She had put in so much effort! How dare Yan Zhiqing ruin everything!

Yan Zhiqing behaved as though she was noble and virtuous.

If she wanted to be noble and virtuous, she should do so by herself.

How could she ruin her job prospect!

If Yan Zhiqing did not have a strong background, could she still act so noble and virtuous

How could Yan Zhiqing look down on her!

She was only… only thinking of ways to try her best.

The manager sighed and said, “Dont bother with Yan Zhiqing now.

We will deal with the conflict between you two after this is over.

We should focus on solving the issue we have now.

As for the position of spokesperson for Trubo…”

The manager let out a long sigh.

“Considered all the efforts you have made for this wasted.

Because of this scandal, Trubo will not make you their spokesperson.

Even if we said that the scandal was fake, Trubo will still avoid arousing any suspicion, and thus, they will not choose you.

If you were chosen as the spokesperson, people will say that there was a secret deal between you and Trubo.

“Because of this, Trubos brand image would be affected.

They will be trying their best to save their brand image, which means that they will not hire you,” the manager said.

“I know…” Lu Xiuse said in a helpless tone.

She had worked hard for this for a long time.

But now, every effort was wasted at the very last step.

“By the way, where are you” the manager asked.

“…” Lu Xiuse choked and answered with a heart filled with guilt, “I am… in a hotel guest room.”

“Why are you there” the manager asked.

“With who”

“…” Lu Xiuse pursed her lips and answered, “Edwood.”

“Good job.” The manager was so angry that he started laughing.

“Come back quickly! No matter how much more effort you put in, you wont get the position.

Even if you stay there, it is useless.

Edwood probably doesnt even know about the scandal yet, right”

When Lu Xiuse contacted her manager, she herself did not even know what had happened.

Since Edwood and Lu Xiuse were together, he probably did not know as well.

Furthermore, there was a language barrier, so Edward would receive the news much slower than Lu Xiuse.

“He doesnt know.” Lu Xiuse said.

“Then come back quickly,” the manager said.

“Once he learns about the damage to his brand image, he wont blame himself.

He will only blame you.”

Lu Xiuse jumped back to her senses.

She was so angry that she did not think about this.

After listening to the managers warning, she did not even bother tidying herself up.

Luckily, she had already put on her clothes.

She then took her bag and dashed out.

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