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Chapter 2629: Stop

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Although Dong Fuyu knew that and could understand, it did not mean that she would not have a knot in her heart over this.

After all, her husband prioritized business interests over her.

Whichever woman met with this kind of matter, her heart would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Dong Fuyu naturally could not make a scene just because of this.

She knew that Lian Shitao made sense, so she nodded and said, “Okay, I promise.”

“Mom, you wont care about me anymore” Lian Qingyin stared at Dong Fuyu in disbelief.

“How can you listen to what Dad says! Youre not going to care about me anymore just because of money”

Dong Fuyu said earnestly, “Qingyin, your dad makes sense.

Even if your intention is very innocent and you didnt do anything wrong, the Han Family thinks you did wrong.

If they deal with our family, we will still be the ones on the losing end.

This is not a matter of right or wrong.

Its just that their fists are bigger than ours.

We cant afford to provoke them!

“If its someone else whose family cant compare to ours, or even if that persons family is on the same level, I will definitely support you to the very end.

But its the Han Family were talking about now.

Our family really wont be able to hold out,” Dong Fuyu said.

“Qingyin, youre a smart child.

As your dad said, its only if our family is doing well can you do well.”

“Forget it, forget it! If you dont want to help me, just dont! You dont need to say all these pretentious things!” Lian Qingyin waved her hand, retorting in annoyance.

But Dong Fuyu still persuaded her, “Qingyin, since you already said that you dont have any ill designs towards Han Zhuoling, then dont go and look for him, lest he misunderstands you even more.

Isnt that even better”

Lian Qingyin was at a loss for words.

When Dong Fuyu said those words, Lian Qingyin actually could not find words to rebut her for a moment and got stumped.

Who asked her to say it herself, that she did not do anything that was excessive

That made what Dong Fuyu said correct.

Since nothing would happen if you did not do anything that went overboard, then you might as well not go look for them.

Lian Qingyin forced a quick smile and said, “Then… then I also want to find a chance to explain things clearly to Zhuoling.

I dont want to be misunderstood by him like this.”

Lian Shitao scoffed and said, “Misunderstood”

Lian Shitao laughed scornfully and said, “As long as you dont go and show your presence in front of him, you wont be misunderstood.

He might even be grateful to you.”

How could Lian Qingyin not sense the sarcasm dripping from his words

She was so livid that she started inhaling deep breaths.

She could not count on both of her parents.

In their eyes, the familys interests were much more important than their daughters happiness.

She flung her hands away in anger and left.

Dong Fuyu heard the sound of the door to the house closing and quickly asked Lian Shitao, “Is it okay to let her just leave like that”

Lian Shitao was really a little surprised that Dong Fuyu could actually focus on the big picture at this moment and even want to try and stop Lian Qingyin.

“Ive already sent someone to tail her,” Lian Shitao said.

Lian Qingyin did not stay at home.

Lian Shitao felt that this was actually better.

If he really let Lian Qingyin stay at home, she would definitely say all kinds of things to Dong Fuyu.

Dong Fuyu was not a very strong-willed person to begin with, and she was extremely biased.

What they agreed on today, she would change her mind on it after Lian Qingyin told her some things.

The best thing to do now was to separate the two of them.

He could not let Dong Fuyu be influenced by her.

One was already enough trouble.

If the two of them really joined together…

The Lian family might really have no hope left at all then.


Who knew if it was because Lian Shitao sent someone to tail her, but Lian Qingyin really stopped with her nonsense.

At least, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya did not see Lian Qingyin again for quite some time..

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