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Chapter 2804: Taken by the Police

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“Okay.” Lu Qiyuan nodded.

“Give me a call if anything happens.”

He paused for a while and said, “When youre not next to me, I dont have any energy.

I miss you so much.”

Lu Qiyuans words disgusted Jiang Yujie.

She could only cope with a body full of goosebumps.

“I am going back tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Lu Qiyuan said disgustingly.

“Then looks like I wont be able to sleep alone tonight.”

Jiang Yujie almost puked.

She said a few perfunctory words and ended the call immediately.

The moment she ended the call, Jiang Yujie turned off her phone and took out the SIM card from it.

Then, she took a pair of scissors and cut the SIM card into two.

When Mrs.

Jiang saw that, she froze and asked, “You dont want the card anymore”

“Mhmm, dont want it anymore,” said Jiang Yujie.

“He wont contact me again tonight.

When he goes to work tomorrow and sees that I am not there, he will definitely call me.

But by then, any excuses I have will be useless.

This card is now useless, and I am breaking any contact with him.”


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang were finally relieved.

It was good that she did not need to contact him.

Then, Jiang Yujie switched to a new card.

“I got a new number.”

Jiang Yujie told them her new number.

When she was with Lu Man, she also gave Lu Man her new contact.


Jiang recorded Jiang Yujies new phone number into her phone joyfully and deleted the old one.

“This is good.

Lets start fresh.

Everything is good,” said Mrs.

Jiang, smiling.

Throwing away her old phone number and bidding farewell to the bad people in the past.

Deleting every form of contact information and breaking off from the past.


Jiang felt full of hope.

However, Jiang Yujie did not know that she did not need to wait for the next day for Lu Qiyuan to find out that she would not be at work.

That night, Lu Qiyuan was taken away by the police.

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Lu Qiyuan was in his villa.

Xia Qingyang was in prison and Lu Qi was completely controlled by the He family.

There was nobody to affect his mood and anger him.

He also had a young and beautiful girlfriend like Jiang Yujie; Lu Qiyuan felt that his life was going too well.

He was living the life of a god.

Without Jiang Yujie beside him, Lu Qiyuan felt a little bored.

He was single now and had nothing tying him down.

Even though his company did not recover, it did not continue to worsen.

The money he had now was enough for him to just enjoy.

Now that he was relaxed, he was starting to feel horny.

Lu Qiyuan decided to go out to a bar and find a beautiful one to indulge in.

He liked Jiang Yujie pretty much and wanted to marry her.

But this did not stop him from having fun outside.

When he was with Xia Qingyang, Xia Qingyang watched him carefully.

Lu Qiyuan felt that he was really stupid back then; he had the money, but he was still tied down by Xia Qingyang and could not have fun.

Now that he was free, although he had Jiang Yujie, Lu Qiyuan felt that he could let loose.

Jiang Yujie was young and gorgeous, but he would be bored after a long time.

He wanted to have a palate cleanse.

In addition, the image that Jiang Yujie portrayed in front of Lu Qiyuan was always the weak and gentle girl, so Lu Qiyuan felt that Jiang Yujie was like a cuscuta that can only climb on him; she would be useless without him.

She would not dare to leave him and would stay..

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