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At that moment, Old Madam Hans heart swelled up with pride.

Of course.

Her grandson was just outstanding, no one could compare to him.

Moreover, her grandson was too handsome, take a look at him!

Old Madam Han proudly straightened her back.

“Thats right, with such a good boyfriend, you definitely wont be attracted to those ordinary men.”

Lu Man tried not to smile.

“You say it like you know who my boyfriend is.”

“…” The old lady almost choked on her soup, this little fox was setting a trap for her once again when she was not paying attention!

“Just listening to how you praise him, how would I know your boyfriend!” The Old Madam lowered her head with guilt and took a sip of the soup.

On the other hand, Shen Nuo covered her forehead with her hand, if the old madam continued to speak like this, she would probably expose them soon.

Lu Man controlled her urge to smile.

“How long will you two stay here”

“I dont know, well see how it goes,” Shen Nuo could not decide, it would depend on what the Old Madam wanted.

“Then what do you want to eat tomorrow” Lu Man smiled and asked.

The Old Madam regained her spirit and was not overly polite, directly ordering dishes.

The good thing was that although the Old Madam seemed quite picky, she did not have high expectations, what she wanted were some common home-cooked dishes, and it was quite easy for Auntie Liu to prepare them.

After she had finished ordering, the Old Madams face became strict again, “Lu Man, you need to be careful in the future, if someone presses the doorbell, you cant instantly open the door.

Today, it was us who came, but what if it were someone else What if they had bad intentions towards you”

“Alright, Ill be careful,” Lu Man nodded and agreed obediently.

The Old Madam was so satisfied that she could not help but smile, but she instantly returned the corner of her lip back in place.

This little fox, she should not be nice to Lu Man!

“The people in the production group are quite good, the director and the senior actors are all very nice, and they even teach me.

Besides for an actress who has animosity towards me, everythings fine.

After all, I have no acting experience at all, and suddenly got an important character while others are still struggling for roles, so of course, she would feel that it isnt fair.

I wont lower myself to her standards, but if she comes to bother me, I wont be nice to her either,” Lu Man did not hide her thoughts at all.

Anyway, the Old Madam and Shen Nuo already knew her personality and her temper, so she did not pretend to be a white lotus 1

Anyway, who dared to provoke her would be in trouble.

Shen Nuo nodded in approval, this was what should be like, otherwise, if she was always so weak and easy to bully, how could she expect Han Zhuoli to protect her every single moment.

Then, Shen Nuos heart would definitely ache for her son.

Moreover, if Lu Man really wanted to become the wife of the Han family head, she could definitely not be a weakling who could not do anything.

Lu Mans personality was quite good.

Before this, she had not met Lu Man and had only heard of her, so she had a mild impression of her, but it was not very deep.

Now that she had finally interacted with Lu Man, with a slight understanding, Shen Nuos impression of Lu Man was not bad.

Originally, Shen Nuo did not have any bad impression of Lu Man, feeling that she had yet to meet Lu Man, should not come to a conclusion before understanding her properly.

Right now, she felt that this girl was quite good.

She was a modest person who was not too proud or arrogant and dealt with things carefully and upfront and not hiding things.

She would not cause trouble, but would not stand people causing trouble for her.

This way, she would not drag Han Zhuoli down at home.

Just like Han Zhuoli said, although she was scheming, she did not scheme for any wrong purpose.

She would not harm people, and if it was within her ability, she would even help people.

But as soon as someone wanted to harm her, she had sufficient ability and schemes to take care of herself and would cause the other person to lose out instead.

Shen Nuo admired her personality.

“Hmph! Such people just cannot stand to see others living well.” The Old Madams habit of protecting those she was close to came up again, “Constantly cribbing that someones life is good because of their good luck.

But if she really had the skills, she would not go unnoticed.

Only talented people would never be angry at others and blame them for having better luck.”


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