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Chapter 2960 Scheme

On the contrary, its the paparazzi who would give up first after tailing Yan Zhiqing for a long time without scoring any news.

If Yan Zhiqing was alone today, there really wouldnt have been anyone following her.

Its not that she wasnt famous.

Its that there really wasnt anything worth reporting.

Yan Zhiqing really wanted to thank her costars for the fact that there was paparazzi here today.

“Whos there Are there ones were more familiar and on good terms with” Yan Zhiqing asked.

“Give me a moment, Ill go and ask.” Fang Qiaohan went to do so.

Its an easy task, finding a paparazzi shes familiar with

Even if they werent following Yan Zhiqing, they were all in the same business, so they knew who was over here doing what.

Indeed, she got her answer soon enough.

She instantly told Yan Zhiqing, “The Liu Liu team that were more familiar with isnt here, but theres Da Xiongs team whos good friends with Lu Man.”

Yan Zhiqing was buddies with Lu Man, so Fang Qiaohan had noticed that Da Xiongs team was here immediately.

“Thats great.

Contact Da Xiong, and Ill notify Lu Man to contact Da Xiong too.

Let him take more pictures when were eating, mainly of Lu Xiuse,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Itll be better if the others are not in the picture.

They just have to make Lu Xiuse stand out.

“In particular, that shes eating with our team.

Ill make Lu Xiuse sit beside me.

Have Da Xiong snap a picture of me and Lu Xiuse.” Yan Zhiqing had typed all this furiously.

Yan Zhiqing knew her boundaries.

Shes scheming to make Lu Xiuse suffer.

But she didnt want to drag others down.

If she schemed against Lu Xiuse and others got dragged into the scandal, theyd surely have some complaints about her even if they didnt tell it to her face.

They didnt offend or make trouble for her, so she didnt wish to do that to them either, especially not to Wu Mosen.

Thus, Yan Zhiqing added that line.

Having been her assistant for quite some time, Fang Qiaohan knew what Yan Zhiqing meant.

“Okay, I got it.” Fang Qiaohan noted it and went to contact Da Xiong.

Yan Zhiqing didnt stop there.

With Lu Xiuse around, she couldnt call Lu Man easily.

Hence, she also texted her.

Lu Xiuse had made trouble for her numerous times, and now that she had a chance to retaliate, shed never let go.

This was handed to her on a silver platter by Lu Xiuse herself.

Yan Zhiqing didnt waste any time, directly sending her objective in a large chunk to Lu Man without even asking if she was available.

She thought she needed to wait for her reply.

Unexpectedly, Lu Mans answer came in a second.

Lu Man didnt think Yan Zhiqing was harming others.

Lu Man knew about all the things Lu Xiuse had done to Yan Zhiqing.

She never thought of Yan Zhiqing as a saint whod show no reaction when others bullied her to her face.

She knew she might want to fight her own battles without her familys help.

Its just that she hadnt caught Lu Xiuse in a misstep yet.

Though the dinner-escort issue was one, it did not impact Lu Xiuse greatly as the news soon got suppressed by someone.

The silent way it had ended made even Lu Man feel rather sour, much less Yan Zhiqing.

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