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Chapter 2998 Classic Example of Forgetting His Younger Brother After Getting a Wife!

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

The skin around Shi Xiaoyas mouth and eyes was twitching

“You… why do you think so” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“I am just guessing,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“He could see that I did not put on any makeup, and he can even differentiate between no makeup, light makeup, and heavy makeup.

Besides, he even knows that makeup with red lips does not mean it is necessarily a heavy makeup.”

“This… this doesnt mean anything, right” said Shi Xiaoya as her mouth twitched.

“Zhuoling also can differentiate between those.”

“Really” Han Zhuolings cold face appeared in Yan Zhiqings mind subconsciously.

She immediately shook her head.

“It doesnt look like it!”

Shi Xiaoya said, “Didnt I post makeup videos online When we met, he especially watched it, and after a while, he could differentiate between them.”

“Then thats fine.” Yan Zhiqing clapped her hands.

“Thats because your career made it happen.

Han Zhuoling wanted to understand you better, so he watched your makeup videos.”

She went on, “But think about it, does Wei Wucai need to understand these things”

Shi Xiaoya really did not know how Yan Zhiqing made the connections.

She struggled and said, “But dont forget what Wei Wucai does.

Hes been trained in the Mount Lan Compound; he must be very attentive.”

Yan Zhiqing thought for a while and said, “How about lets do an experiment”

“How” Shi Xiaoya did not know what idea Yan Zhiqing had in mind.

“When were free later…” Yan Zhiqing thought for a while.

“During lunch break.

Lets ask him about color numbers.

If he can differentiate them, then it proves that my guess is right.”

Shi Xiaoya wiped her sweat for Wei Wucais sake.

Who knew that Yan Zhiqing would want to make him bent

He could really be an unexpected gay.

“Fine.” Shi Xiaoya could only agree.

She finished Yan Zhiqings makeup first.

Then, she had to do her hair according to the characters style in the movie, which had been designed by the stylist.

Wu Mosen came over to see it and said in satisfaction, “Excellent.

It matches the appearance in my mind.”

After this, the movie “Left Right officially started shooting

Wei Wucai did a simulation of the special effects with other people.

Wu Mosen explained the script to the actors and actresses.

They kept working until noon, when the lunch boxes that the production crew had ordered arrived.

However, the lunch boxes were for the extras, the production crew members, and the ordinary actors.

Actors like Yan Zhiqing, Gu Fei, and Gao Zishan had asked their assistants to order separate lunches.

It was not because the lunch boxes were not delicious and they had to be special.

Instead, it was because they had to manage their bodies, so they could not eat food that was oily and had a lot of seasonings.

They all ordered low-fat meals.

Yan Zhiqing brought her own low-fat meal to the car.

She even called Shi Xiaoya over.

Originally, Shi Xiaoya had wanted to eat the lunch boxes with everyone else.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling had already ordered lunch for her and asked someone to deliver it.

He had even prepared portions for Wu Mosen, the assistant director, and Writer Hu.

Han Zhuofeng looked at them pitifully.

In the end, his own older brother did not prepare anything for him.

Under Han Zhuofengs bitter gaze, Tong Chunian laughed bitterly.

“Young Master Feng, Young Master Ling did not forget about


Han Zhuofengs eyes glowed as he looked towards Tong Chunians back.

Tong Chunian spread her arms open.

“Stop looking.

I really dont have any.”

“Didnt you say that my older brother didnt forget me” Han Zhuofeng almost cried.

How was this not forgetting

His older brother was the classic example of forgetting his younger brother after getting a wife!

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