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Yan Zhiqing did indeed avoid Wei Wucai deliberately.

Before Shi Xiaoya became close with Yan Zhiqing, she truly never imagined that Yan Zhiqing would be such a remarkable actress.

Yan Zhiqing was just like whatever role she took on.

She was clearly such a great actress, yet she was so innocent in private.

Her feelings were written on her face, allowing others to understand her with one glance.

Shi Xiaoya knew that as long as Yan Zhiqing wanted to, she was totally capable of concealing her feelings very well.

However, she was instead undisguised without any defenses at all, appearing extremely genuine.

This was why Shi Xiaoya became increasingly fond of associating with Yan Zhiqing.

Shi Xiaoya did not pursue the matter anymore, but she mourned for Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai in her mind.

She did not know what Wei Wucai had done, but she guessed it had made Yan Zhiqing anxious.

It was obvious from Yan Zhiqings current appearance that she had feelings for Wei Wucai.

Despite being fully aware Yan Zhiqing had misunderstood that Wei Wucai was gay, the latter did not clear up the misunderstanding.

Yan Zhiqing probably felt that hers was a hopeless unrequited love, so she decided to distance herself from Wei Wucai without delay.

Shi Xiaoya felt that if the situation really was like this, she really should mourn for Wei Wucai.

On the other hand, if Wei Wucai knew Yan Zhiqing was avoiding him… and furthermore that this was the reason why…

In that case, Shi Xiaoya felt she really should mourn for Yan Zhiqing as well.

“Its done.” Shi Xiaoya finished doing Yan Zhiqings makeup and tidied up her things.

Yan Zhiqing went outside and asked Fang Qiaohan quietly, “Is Wei Wucai still busy with work”

“Mm, I just went and snuck a look at him.

Hes still busy,” Fang Qiaohan said.

Yan Zhiqing let out a sigh of relief.

In a totally subdued manner, she hurriedly searched for a place to sit and wait for todays filming to begin.

Yan Zhiqing filmed her scenes in the morning while Wei Wucai dealt with his work.

He indeed did not look for opportunities to look for Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai was excessively busy, but he always kept an eye on Yan Zhiqings situation as well.

Throughout the morning, Yan Zhiqing filmed her scenes with full concentration.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiuse was in great agony.

First, she looked on the Internet and found that netizens were still scolding her.

It seemed that the majority of them were roasting her.

They rushed to give her comments, saying things that made her so angry she might spit out blood.

Even the fighting ability of her fans was not enough to defeat these netizens.

Moreover, she did not actually have many hardcore fans.

She was not like the popular celebrities of the present day who had a pile of fans willing to defend them.

If it were some years earlier, perhaps she would still have had such a group of people.

As the old got replaced with the new, many even more popular newcomers appeared in the entertainment industry.

Even so, she still had a higher ranking than those newcomers.

However, her most recent blockbuster films and television series became popular just when she needed them to, so it was currently a good time.

Although their popularity had decreased during this period of time…

They were at least able to provide a cover for her.

As for her fans, most of them had already lost the vigor they had initially.

It could be said that they were too tired to fight.

Her current reputation had already fallen to the lowest point it had ever been in her life.

Additionally, the previous matter of her accompanying someone for drinks had yet to pass completely.

Due to this matter, she was pushed higher up in the search ranks once again.

These werent a big deal.

Lu Xiuse had already hired a lot of commenters to speak good words about her.

She also got her public relations team to suppress these matters.

Moreover, her company had just decided to release the information of a celebrity to try and shift the publics attention away from Lu Xiuse.

The celebrity they chose had a pitiful background and was currently working hard to rise in popularity.

A careful selection process had been required to pick the right person for this.

They had to be somewhat well known by the public yet also easy for the company to control.

Additionally, they had to be from a relatively low socio-economic background—someone the company could afford to offend.

That celebrity had always worked hard to increase their fame to get more work opportunities.

However, the jobs she got were not much compared to what Lu Xiuse managed to get.

Of course, they could not let this person suffer losses without getting anything in exchange.

This celebrity was making a sacrifice, but she naturally only agreed to do so because the company promised to get her some work.

They even helped her get a role in a television show.

She could not play the female lead, but she could at least take on the role of the secondary female lead.

It was a very good opportunity for her to gain exposure.

When that time arrives, the company would once again manipulate things to boost her popularity.

She would immediately rise to fame.

However, what made Lu Xiuse even more unlucky was that when all was said and done and they were in the midst of preparing to release the female celebritys dark secrets as a shield…

Lu Xiuses manager suddenly received many phone calls.

The callers stated that other candidates had already been selected for the works they had been negotiating.

Naturally, they said some civilities and expressed they were extremely regretful that they were ultimately unable to work with Lu Xiuse.

They also looked forward to having an opportunity to work with Lu Xiuse in the future.

Initially, Lu Xiuses manager did not think there was anything amiss when he received the first two rejections.

After all, the celebrities always outnumbered the available works.

Everyone was striving to land a job.

It was impossible to obtain every job they tried for.

It wasnt possible that a job would be set in stone as yours just because you were in talks to get it.

In the fight for work, it was already considered a high rate of success if you could get one out of 10.

However, when Lu Xiuses manager, Liu Yunan, received rejection after rejection…

If one rejection were to have been delivered today and another on another day…

In other words, if the rejections had been delivered in a scattered manner, she would not suspect anything unusual.

Yet it just so happened that right after she ended one call, another came.

The way everyone had piled together and called her at almost the same time to reject Lu Xiuse now seemed very suspicious.

In just one hour, all the production teams they had most recently been in talks with contacted Liu Yunan to reject Lu Xiuse.

Some of these negotiations had already been completed, and they were just lacking the final details of the contract.

There were others that had yet to be finalized, but the result was that the production teams also told Liu Yunan today that they had ultimately decided not to work with Lu Xiuse.

It was really strange that so many people called Liu Yunan in succession within the same hour.

Even if Liu Yunan were a duller person, she would still be able to sense that something was not right.

However, she definitely was not dull.

“CEO Wang, its Liu Yunan, Lu Xiuses manager.” Liu Yunan immediately contacted one of the people in charge of a production for which a job had already been finalized for Lu Xiuse.

The person who informed her that they could not work with Lu Xiuse had not been CEO Wang.

Instead, he had merely appointed one of his secretaries to contact her.

Liu Yunan knew that CEO Wangs secretary would not be able to say much regarding the outcome, so she called Chief Wang directly.

“Miss Liu, hello, hello,” CEO Wang said politely with a smile.

He clearly knew why Liu Yunan had called him, yet he did not take the initiative to bring up the matter.

Liu Yunan smiled and replied, “CEO Wang, I was just contacted by your secretary, who said that youre suddenly refusing to sign the endorsement contract we had finished negotiating and that youre not giving the ambassador role to Xiuse anymore.

May I ask why

“You see, everything was going great when we discussed the contract previously.

When your side made some requests, Xiuse agreed to fulfill them.

She is famous in the entertainment industry for being very cooperative.

She has always been willing to wear and promote the endorsed products as though they were her personal items…

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