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Chapter 3364: Trembling in FearTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Nothing happened to you because you were lucky.

Dont do risky things to make people think you are brave.”

When Xie Jiling sent this message, the entire group chat instantly became strangely quiet.

“Is that true”

“No way!”

Xie Jiling would usually explain some pieces of “knowledge.”

If unfortunate things were happening to you, Xie Jiling could easily stop it.

If it happened a couple of times, it could be merely a coincidence.

But since it happened to so many people, it wasnt a coincidence.

In addition, the things they thought to be strange suddenly made sense when Xie Jiling provided an explanation.

Sometimes, the problems that had been giving them or their friends and family a headache would be resolved just by listening to Xie Jilings advice.

And so, all the classmates trusted Xie Jiling greatly.

Of course, they didnt think she was a shaman.

And when they saw what Xie Jiling said, they immediately felt nervous.

“No way! Are we going to be okay”

“Jiling, when are you coming back to school Can you come and take a look at us and see if anything followed us back”

“Im working right now.

I will go back to school after I resolve this issue tonight.

I will take a look at you guys tomorrow,” Xie Jiling said, “You will be fine since I am here, but whose help can you seek if I wasnt here.”

“Therefore, dont play such risky games in the future.” Xie Jiling instructed.

In Xie Jilings opinion, young people would feel horrible if they didnt do things that could lead to their deaths.

The boys who had gone on that adventure immediately started sending crying emojis.

“We got it.

We wont dare to do that anymore.”

“But what if something happens to us before you came back tonight” someone asked.

When they were describing their achievements, they were quite brave.

But now, none of them were competing with each other on who was the bravest.

“Didnt I give an amulet to you all That can protect you once,” Xie Jiling said, “Dont worry.”

“However, if something does happen to you, you will have to buy those amulets from me in the future.

Dont blame me for not being a good classmate.

I just dont trust that you all will have the self-control.”

“If you all keep thinking that theres nothing to be scared of and continue doing risky things because you think you have the amulet, what if you encounter one that can break through the amulet and I wasnt there for you, what are you going to do Being cautious is always better than any kind of amulet.” Xie Jiling said.

Xie Jiling wouldnt ignore them if they accidentally got into danger.

However, if they actively pursued dangerous activities, then Xie Jiling would not tolerate that.

When Xie Jiling said that, her classmates couldnt refute it.

They could only cherish the amulets they had.

And then, Xie Jiling stopped chatting.

She watched as her classmates chatted with each other.

Luo Dingzhen couldnt help but ask, “Master Xie, are you not nervous”

“What is there to be nervous about” Xie Jiling said without a care.

Although Xie Jiling was very capable, Luo Dingzhen still felt a little embarrassed to lose to Xie Jiling, a young girl.

He forced himself to calm down and stop feeling so stiff.


It feels so boring just sitting here.

How stiff must those two be sitting outside.” Luo Dingzhen was extremely nervous, so he tried to start a conversation to make himself feel better.

However, Luo Dingzhen was right.

“It is still winter.

They have been sitting outside for such a long time, and they cant even move.”

“Its fine in the afternoon since theres some sun, but its nighttime now, and its really cold.”

Luo Dingzhen thought it was weird.

Was there any other place safer than being around Xie Jiling

What were He Qingyang and Yang Lin thinking

Instead of staying beside Xie Jiling, they chose to freeze outside.

It was just as Luo Dingzhen had expected.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin were having a difficult time.

The two werent scared tonight, but they were really cold.

Even though they were wearing jackets, the two had to sit here without moving at all.

Yang Lin couldnt help but complain.

If she had known about this, she would have spent a few hundred thousand and asked Xie Jiling to make the spell formation a little bigger.

At least they would have an area big enough to move around.

It was really freezing.

At this moment, He Qingyang and Yang Lin suddenly saw the lights in the house flickering, turning bright and dark.

The street lights beside them immediately started being affected as well.

The zapping sound of electricity sparks could be heard.

Yang Lin was so scared that she held He Qingyang tightly.

He Qingyang also held Yang Lin tightly while trembling in fear.

They saw the light in the bedroom on the second floor go out.

And then, with a zapping sound, the lights in the living room went out.

The street lights around went out at the end.

They got completely surrounded by darkness.

However, other peoples houses were brightly lit and appeared to be very lively.

Compared to their house, which looked very dead and silent, the contrast was startling.

It was as though their house existed in a different world.

Xie Jiling put her phone away and rushed to the second floor with her backpack on her back.

Luo Dingzhen didnt dare to make a sound as he quickly followed behind Xie Jiling.

When Xie Jiling arrived at the door, she saw the vengeful spirit standing by the bed and staring at the two fake human figures made with the two balls of paper.

The aura that Xie Jiling had created on the balls of paper had temporarily fooled the vengeful spirit.

The vengeful spirit could be seen grinning and laughing creepily.

It was smiling so widely that the corner of its mouth reached the end of its ears.

Its gum and missing teeth could be seen through its agape mouth.

Its face looked burnt, and its skin looked bumpy with black, scorched scars.

A pungent burning smell could even be smelled in the air.

Black liquid that looked like kerosene would drip out of its eyes and mouth whenever it grinned.

The arrival of this vengeful spirit caused the entire room to smell horrible.

It had been scaring He Zhengbai and Yang Lin for a very long time now.

However, the vengeful spirit seemed impatient tonight.

It suddenly emanated this very strong vengeful aura and pounced toward the two fake human figures.

But the moment it touched the two fake human figures…

“Boom!” The two fake human figures turned back into balls of paper.

Two recklessly made balls of paper could be seen on the bed.

The vengeful spirit knew that it had been fooled.

It was so angry that it started emitting a terrifying scream.

The scream instantly sounded in He Qingyang and Yang Lins ears.

Actually, no one else could hear this scream.

Xie Jiling, Luo Dingzhen, He Qingyang, and Yang Lin were the only ones who could hear this scream.

He Qingyang and his wife immediately started screaming.

They almost couldnt control the urge to run away.

However, they remembered that Xie Jiling told them that they shouldnt move.

The two held each other tightly.

They didnt dare to move at all as they sat on the long bench chair and trembled in fear.

The vengeful ghost then found He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

It looked out through the window and focused its eyes on the two people on the long bench chair.

At this moment, Yang Lin happened to be looking at their bedroom on the second floor.

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