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Chapter 3394: The Older Sister Is So MatureTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Zhuoli didnt look at the two babies.

The first thing he asked was, “Where is my wife”

“She will be out soon,” the nurse answered quickly.

They had seen people who ignored their kids and asked about their wifes condition first.

However, such people were rare.

Most people, especially the ones who had just become a dad as well as family members, would subconsciously pay attention to the kid first and ignore the mother.

There were people like Han Zhuoli, but they were rare.

And so, when the nurse saw this, she thought he was really rare.

She was a woman, too.

Who wouldnt want their husband to put them first

The woman was the one pregnant with the baby for nine months and experienced so much hardship to give birth to this baby.

The woman would definitely love the baby.

However, because of the hardship of pregnancy and childbirth, the woman would have a greater desire for her husband to give her full attention.

Both the husband and wife would pay attention to their child later on.

However, most husbands couldnt do it.

It wasnt because they didnt like their wives.

At this moment, they would subconsciously pay attention to the child who had just arrived.

After the nurse said that, Lu Man was pushed out of the delivery room.

Lu Man was still lying down, but she was quite energetic.

She saw that Han Zhuoli was not holding the baby.

One of the two babies was being held by Old Mrs.


The other one was in Xia Qingweis arms.

As for Han Zhuoli, he stretched his neck out and kept looking into the operating room.

When he saw that Lu Man was out, he immediately came over.

Lu Man held Han Zhuolis hand and said, “Your words must have been effective.

Those two youngsters did really well.

I gave birth to them not long after I went into the delivery room.

Even the doctor said that such a smooth delivery only happens at most once a year.”

It hadnt even been more than 30 minutes since she entered the operating room.

“In addition, I didnt use much strength.

So, I still have a lot of strength left, and Im very much wide awake.” Lu Man grinned as she said.

Although she hadnt slept for a night, she felt really energetic.

Even if he asked her to sleep, she wouldnt be able to fall asleep.

Everyone then went back to the room together.

Thankfully, Lu Mans room was very big.

Therefore, even with so many people present, it didnt feel crowded.

After Han Zhuoli was certain that Lu Man was doing fine and that the childbirth process wasnt difficult for her, he felt more at ease.

Knowing that the two kids had followed his orders, Han Zhuoli felt really happy.

He walked to Xia Qingwei and stared at his son, saying, “You two did a good job.”

The little guy obeyed and did not fight with his sister.

The elder sister and the little brother came into this world without any difficulty.

Han Zhuoli thought that he should say some words of praise to his youngest son.

The little guy had yet to open his eyes.

When he heard what Han Zhuoli said, his hand moved.

It was almost as though he was responding that he had heard Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli then went to take a look at the elder sister.

The elder sister was sleeping comfortably in Old Mrs.

Hans arms.

Han Zhuoli nodded and praised.

“The elder sister is so mature.”

Everyone: “…”

They were sleeping because they were just born.

A baby this small would spend most of its time sleeping.

Xia Qingwei smiled and asked, “Have you thought of a name for them”

“We have the names ready.

Man Man and I came up with the names.” Han Zhuoli said, “The character for their generation would be Lin.

So, the elder sister will be named Han Linxun and the younger brother will be named Han Linzhe.”

Han Zhuoli wrote down the names of his daughter and son.


So they will be Little Linxun and Little Linzhe in the future,” Old Mrs.

Han said happily.

Initially, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man wanted the grandparents to name the kids.

However, the grandparents told them to name their own kids.

The grandparents knew that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man would definitely want to be the ones to name their own kids.

Even if they have to struggle to think of a good name for their child, it was a kind of happiness.

“What about a nickname Did you think of a nickname” Shen Nuo asked.

At t this moment, Xia Qingwei handed Little Linzhe over to Shen Nuo.

Shen Nuo was someone who really liked kids.

Unfortunately, there were only two.

Old Mrs.

Han was holding one, and Xia Qingwei was holding the other.

She felt embarrassed to ask either one of them for a chance to hold the baby and could only watch from the side.

So, when Xia Qingwei handed her the baby, she quickly took the chance and held the baby.

The two babies were sound asleep.

Lu Man then said, “We were already struggling to think of a name for them, so we didnt get a chance to come up with a nickname.”

In addition, considering the temper of these two babies, they didnt know if the babies would like the fun nicknames they would have given them.

Lu Man wanted to give them the nicknames “Dada” and “Naonao” which meant fighting and quarreling.

However, Han Zhuoli said that if the two babies were given these nicknames, they might actually start quarreling and fighting.

And so, Lu Man gave up this idea.

And so, the two kids were not given a nickname.

However, it wasnt that they must have a nickname.

Since Han Zhuoli and Lu Man couldnt think of one, they decided to just call them Xunxun and Zhezhe.”

After a while, the nurse came in to get the babies to drink some milk from the mother.

And so, the others all left the room.

Han Zhuoli was the only one left to stay and help.

Shi Xiaoya looked at the two babies and felt really jealous.

She rubbed her belly and whispered to Han Zhuoling, “We should have a baby soon.”

Although she whispered, Lin Liye still heard her.

Lin Liye quickly pricked her ears at the side.

She had never urged them to have a kid because she didnt want to stress Shi Xiaoya out.

However, she was honestly worried.

After all, Han Zhuoling was old.

But then, Han Zhuoling said, “Theres no rush.

We will talk about this after the wedding.”

“If you get pregnant too early, it will be very difficult for you to attend a wedding with a pregnant belly, and the wedding dress wont look good on you.”

Every bride wanted to look like a thin and beautiful princess while wearing their wedding dress.

“If you get pregnant when its close to our wedding date, it will be too tiring for you during the wedding.

It wouldnt be good if you hurt yourself because of that.” Han Zhuoling said, “Therefore, to be safe, we will plan our pregnancy after the wedding.”

Shi Xiaoya said this because Han Zhuoling insisted on using protective measures.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to be pregnant with his child.

After all, Han Zhuoling was old.

Both the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law had thought of the same thing.

Han Zhuoling was the only one who thought he was young and healthy.

He didnt think he was old at all.

Lin Liye then found out that it was Han Zhuoling who refused.

However, he was very considerate, and his reasoning made sense.

If they did it in a rush and got pregnant before the wedding, it would be problematic.

If something bad happened, then it would be too late for any regrets.

“Dont worry.

The wedding is next month.

Its really soon,” Han Zhuoling whispered.

Shi Xiaoya held Han Zhuolings arm and nodded obediently.

Lin Liye thought to herself.

Why did her daughter-in-law just obey her son like that

She was such an idiot!

Shi Xiaoya shouldnt be following Han Zhuolings lead like that!

What if she got taken advantage of in the future

When Lu Man was done feeding the babies in the room…

Everyone went back and looked at the two babies who had been fed and were sound asleep.

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