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3466 Going Crazy

She was worried that she might miss something and cause Xie Jiling to misjudge the situation.

In the end, she would be the one to suffer.

“I was really scared.

Of course, I didnt dare to click agree.

But if I didnt click agree, the pop-up would just stay on my phone screen.

I couldnt do anything else with my phone, and I couldnt click on anything else.”

“Usually, if you press on the notification and slide it to the left, it would show the words delete.

But even after sliding the notification so many times, I couldnt delete it.”

“I was so scared that I turned off my phone.

When I turned it back on, the notification appeared again.” Yu Yuexin said.

“I thought it was a WeChat program.

I could just get a new phone and get a new WeChat number, and everything would be fine.

It cant track me, right”

“So, I bought a new phone.” The new phone wasnt expensive as she was using it temporarily.

Of course, she could use a smartphone that cost over a thousand dollars, but she bought a cheap one for temporary use.

“But the moment I turned the phone on, the notification popped up again.”

Yu Yuexin suddenly stretched her hand out and grabbed Xie Jilings hand.

“That was a new phone I had just bought! Since I just bought it, it was my first time turning it on! Aside from some default apps that came along with the brand, the phone had nothing!”

“I didnt download any chat applications.

I didnt download QQ or WeChat.” Yu Yuexin trembled as she spoke.

She couldnt help but grab onto Xie Jilings hand.

She didnt even know how hard she was grabbing.

At this moment, Xie Jiling was like her life-saving straw.

She grabbed onto her and refused to let go.

She was gripping so hard that Xie Jiling found it painful.

But Xie Jiling didnt say anything.

She just allowed Yu Yuexin to grab her.

“And so, I turned off my phone, and I didnt dare to turn on my phone.” Yu Yuexin sobbed as she said.

“I am so scared.

I am scared that it is going to force us who didnt join to game to play the game.” Yu Yuexin said.

“What about Li Yisi Did she get the same notification” Xie Jiling asked.

Yu Yuexin shook her head and said, “I dont know.

I tried contacting her, but her phone was never on.

I couldnt contact her.”

“I guess… she must have received it as well.” Yu Yuexin said, “If not, why would her phone be off She must have received it like me and realized that no matter what she did, she couldnt get rid of that notification.

And so, she turned off her phone.”

“As of now, aside from you guys, do you know if anyone else has played this game” Xie Jiling asked.

Yu Yuexin shook her head and said, “I dont know about that.”

Xie Jiling nodded.

She had expected this answer.

“Besides Li Yisi, you dont know if the three girls, who played the game, received the same notification” Xie Jiling asked.

“I didnt dare to turn on my phone, so I couldnt contact them.” Yu Yuexin said.

“They are all students in B City” Xie Jiling asked.

Yu Yuexin nodded and said, “But they study in another school.”

“Come with me.

Lead me to where they are.

If you cant contact them with your phone, search for them in their schools.” Xie Jiling said.

Yu Yuexin nodded.

She was familiar with those schools well so it would be easy for her to locate them.

But previously, she couldnt even keep herself safe.

She was panicking and couldnt bother to search for those girls.

But now, Xie Jiling was with her.

Yu Yuexin had no idea if Xie Jiling could solve this problem.

But it was worth a try.

They first arrived at Li Yisis school.

Jingdu School of Arts.

She knew Li Yisis school and department.

But Yu Yuexin didnt know where Li Yisis dorm was located.

She could only ask around for Li Yisis seat in the classroom.

They found the building for her department.

After they narrowed down the location, they started asking the other students.

It became easier for them to get the answer.

After they asked a few, they finally bumped into a student who knew Li Yisi.

They managed to find out which dorm Li Yisi was staying in and went straight to that place.

They checked in with the auntie who managed the dorm.

When the auntie found out that they were here to see Li Yisi, the auntie asked, “Are you visiting her because shes sick”

“Yes.” Li Jiling went along with the question.

“I heard shes not feeling well, so we came to visit her.”


I dont know what happened to her.

She seemed to have been possessed.

She has been really paranoid for the past two days, and she always thinks that someone is going to harm her.

Its quite scary.” The auntie managing the dorm said.

“If she doesnt recover soon, I would have to tell her counselor about this.

If she needs to see the school psychologist, she should do it.” The auntie said.


We heard about her condition, so we came to visit.

It would be good if we can talk some senses to her.” Xie Jiling nodded and said.

Through the auntie managing the dorm, Xie Jiling found out that Li Yisi hadnt gone to class today because of her mental state for the past two days.

She had asked for a day off and had been staying in her dorm.

She hadnt been anywhere.

Xie Jiling let out a sigh of relief.

At least they were lucky enough that they didnt have wasted a trip here.

If Li Yisi had been running around, it would be difficult for them to locate her.

They went upstairs and stepped in front of Li Yisis room.

Xie Jiling then knocked on the door.

“Who is it!” Li Yisis sharp-sounding screams could be heard.

Li Yisis voice clearly showed how much she had been tortured for these past two days.

Any movements and sounds could make Li Yisi react dramatically.

“You answer.” Xie Jiling said, “She will feel more assured if she hears your voice.”

Yu Yuexin then shouted, “Sisi, its me, Yu Yuexin.

I am here to see you.”

As expected, a few moments after Yu Yuexin said that, the door in front of them opened.

Li Yisi appeared at the door.

She looked mentally unwell.

Her face was horrifyingly pale.

Her eye sockets were sunken, and she had dark circles around her eyes.

She looked like she would faint at any time.

“Yuexin!” Li Yisi called out, “You…”

“Sisi, lets talk inside.

Is there anyone in your room” Yu Yuexin asked.

“Theres no one else.

They all went to class.” Li Yisi hastily moved away.

When they went into the room, Li Yisi then noticed Xie Jiling.

“This is the person I have found to help us.” Yu Yuexin said, “She will have the solution.”

“Is… there a solution” Li Yisi looked at Xie Jiling with anticipation in her eyes.

In the past, Li Yisi wouldnt have believed it because Xie Jiling looked so young.

But as of now, if anyone said they could help, Li Yisi would believe it regardless of their appearance.

Anyone who could give her a sense of hope was her savior.

Li Yisi was trying so hard to grab onto every straw, regardless of whether the straw was useful or not.

“Did you get the notification” Xie Jiling asked.

Li Yisi covered her face as she answered, “I received it yesterday.

I couldnt turn it off.

I turned off so many phones.

The notification would appear every time I reboot any phone.

The notification was just there on the screen.

I couldnt do anything else with my phone.”

“I couldnt even uninstall WeChat.” Li Yisi said.

“That notification just kept following me.

It kept following me, and I couldnt get rid of it.” Li Yisi pressed her head with both of her hands as she said this.

“Im going crazy.”

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