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“Hahahahaha, yes yes yes. Fighting Hero completely missed my mind.” Liu Chuanhui chuckled.

What did this show

Clearly, it showed that he didnt give even a d*mn about Fighting Hero!

Feeling emotional, Zhang Jian said, “God, am I going to be freaking popular because of this movie”

Everybody: “…”

At that moment, Zhang Jians sudden outburst left everyone stunned, but very soon everyone started bursting into laughter and cackling.

Looks like this little kid was really shaken by the news.

“Old Ji, Old Ji” Liu Chuanhui tugged at Ji Cheng.

“Give me a reaction!”

Right now, Ji Cheng had to be the most emotional one out of everyone.

Very soon, Ji Chengs eyes had turned red.

He pressed his palms on his eyes for quite some time and sniffled.

“I really… really didnt expect this.”

Overjoyed, Xiao Cheng said, “Brother Ji, our hard work and effort didnt go to waste!”

“Yes!” Ji Cheng rubbed his eyes and looked at everyone with a serious face.

“Brothers, Zhang Jian, thank you, everyone! Thank you!” Ji Cheng said, “And Lu Man! Thank you! If you hadnt lent me a helping hand at that crucial time, then I honestly wouldnt have been able to film this movie at all! Also, Brother Liu, when I couldnt find any actors, you were the first one who took the initiative and contacted me to act in my film.”

Back then, Liu Chuanhui had given him a call and said that if Ji Cheng didnt mind, then he, Liu Chuanhui, would act in his film.

“Xiao Zhang, you already had a lot of fans, you could have chosen to film any popular movie too, yet you chose to come here and suffer with me.”

Back then, he needed to find someone who was young to act as a gruff and gangster-like sniper.

Ji Cheng had tried to recruit many young and rising actors, yet all of them either didnt have the time or didnt want to act in it and thus rejected him.

It was only Zhang Jian who agreed right away without even hesitating for a single second when Ji Cheng explained the reason he wanted to cast him.

In the past, he didnt know Zhang Jian well.

He thought that he was the same as the young uprising actors who shot only idol dramas and accepted all kinds of activities and variety shows, prioritizing money and fame over quality and talent.

However, Zhang Jian turned out to be completely different from what he expected.

This kid was too loyal!

“Lu Man, you didnt even mind the salary and offered your help without any second thought.”

“Thank you, thank you, everyone! This kindness of yours, I, Ji Cheng, will remember it forever!” Ji Cheng said, feeling overwhelmed.

“By saying all these things, arent you treating us like outsiders” Liu Chuanhui patted him on the shoulder.

“Brother Ji, even if at the start it was me who helped you, right now, you are the one who has helped me!” Zhang Jian grinned from ear to ear.

“This result is not only the result of our hard work, but also because of Lu Man.

Without Lu Mans help no matter how perfect we filmed the movie, we still wouldnt have an audience to watch it, it would still be for naught,” Ji Cheng said solemnly.

“Right!” Liu Chuanhui nodded eagerly.

“Its the result of everyones combined effort.

Every single person has put in their best to achieve this feat.

Director Ji worked hard to shoot the film well, Teacher Liu Chuanhui and Brother Zhang put their heart and soul into acting and I just so happened to have the ability in public relations,” Lu Man said modestly.

“Right now, what we need to do is to hurry up and release this result online,” Lu Man reminded.

“Right, right!” Liu Chuanhui nodded in after.

“Dont let Zhang Lun and those people continue being obnoxious!”

Originally, the Fighting Hero team wanted to be obnoxious and boastful, they were even going to have a celebration party.

Haha, but they immediately turned into a joke!

“Wait!” Ji Cheng asked Xiao Cheng, “This box office result is correct, right You didnt make a mistake, right”

Even now, he still felt like he was floating amongst the clouds as if all this was a dream and he would fall down from the clouds any second.

598 million!

He wouldnt even dare dream of it!

Moreover, this was the box office collection on the first day!

“No, I didnt, its correct!” Xiao Cheng said emotionally, “When I got the data, I was also afraid that I made a blunder and confirmed it with all the companies.

Only after checking and making sure that it is indeed correct, I shared it with you!”

Finally, Ji Cheng couldnt hold back and bellowed in laughter.

“Go! Release it now! Lu Man, Ill leave this job to you!”


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