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Squinting her eyes, Lu Man warned her coldly.

Zhuang Tingting, you must take responsibility for what you say, I already told you that he is my boyfriend, my actions are modest, so I\'m not fearful.

You said that I\'m being maintained by someone, do you have evidence

That one sentence left Zhuang Tingting stunned and at a loss for words.

Furious, Lu Man sneered, If you don\'t have evidence, then please shut your mouth.

I don\'t have evidence, but if you claim that your actions are upright, then bring your boyfriend out, Zhuang Tingting said shrewdly.

Lu Man had never thought of hiding Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli was an embarrassment, after all.

However, she had never thought of announcing her relationship with Han Zhuoli because of such a situation.

Han Zhuoli was not a tool she could use to increase her status.

Moreover, she would never make him appear in front of others just to prove her innocence and that too to Zhuang Tingting, this idi*t!

Han Zhuoli was someone who was noble and by doing this was like she was sullying him.

Haha. Lu Man laughed coldly.

Zhuang Tingting, you are an idi*t, do you know that From what I see, asking my boyfriend to make a trip just for you, an idi*t, is an insult to him.

You aren\'t worthy.

Han Zhuoli was a busy man, but for a Zhuang Tingting, she had to have him make a special trip down here

What right did Zhuang Tingting have

You! Zhuang Tingting exploded in rage.

How can you scold people like that!

I\'m scolding you, Lu Man was not polite with her words anymore.

You are an idi*t, if I don\'t scold you, you\'ll think that I\'m easy to bully.

You three should really stop pestering me so much.

Lu Man then cast a cold look at Zhang Xiaoying.

Don\'t think that I don\'t know who started this.

Zhuang Tingting is a dumb person, becoming the scapegoat after being the cat\'s paw.

Zhang Xiaoying, you probably forgot how you apologized to me online not long ago.

If you want to try again, I don\'t mind.

I may not have any other abilities, but my PR skills should not be undermined.

If you come finding trouble for me again, I can promise that whichever show you film in the future, I will always make it flop.

No matter what you film, I can make it a flop.

You\'re speaking big words! Zhang Xiaoying\'s face turned ugly.

Don\'t think that after using this petty schemes to win a few times, that you are invincible, and very great!

Petty schemes Lu Man broke out into laughter.

You can go to your management company to ask whether my schemes are really petty and if yes, then why could your public relations team not come up with anything against them.

You can also ask them if it were them instead of me, could they be lucky and win all these few times.

Of course, if you don\'t believe me, then we can wait and see.

After saying that, Lu Man left right away.

Hmph! She\'s just stubborn! If it were really her boyfriend, why won\'t she dare to show him to us Zhuang Tingting sneered.

She really did not take a good look at herself, how was she even worthy of asking Han Zhuoli to come show his face to her

I don\'t believe it, can she really do anything Yu Jingxian\'s eyeballs turned, We\'ll just tell people about her dirty deeds and let everyone know!

If you guys want to say it, you can just go for it! Zhang Xiaoying said, annoyed.

She did not want to admit it, but Lu Man\'s threats really did scare her a little.

Even though she said she did not believe Lu Man\'s ability, till now Lu Man\'s schemes have shocked everyone every single time.

Thus, right now she really did not dare to take the risks.

However, Zhuang Tingting tried to fan the flames of rage.

Xiaoying, you can\'t be scared of her, right!

Who\'s scared of her! Zhang Xiaoying said anxiously, I just think that if we make a move right now, Lu Man would definitely know that it\'s us who spread it, so no matter what, we have to find a good opportunity and not give her an opportunity to blackmail us!

Zhang Xiaoying said and hurriedly walked away.


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