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Seeing Zheng Yuanshi, Han Leilei and Pan Xue keeping mum and looking anxiously at her, Lu Man just smiled.

That was my boyfriend\'s car, he dropped me off yesterday, and this happened to be seen by Zhang Xiaoying and her two sidekicks.

This left the three of them gasping in shock, Lu Man\'s boyfriend was that rich

Earlier Lu Man had said that Han Zhuofeng was her boyfriend\'s younger brother.

Based on Han Zhuofeng\'s age, Lu Man\'s boyfriend was definitely not very old!

How could they say that she was being maintained by a chubby, middle-aged man with a big belly

Then what\'s our move now Just let them spout rubbish Pan Xue grumbled angrily.

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Upset, Han Leilei frowned as she said, The people who spread rumors always think of the worst scenario.

Even if Lu Man explains that it was her boyfriend\'s car, probably no one who would believe it, and they would rather prefer to believe the worst case.

Just then, Lu Qi walked over with He Zhengbai.

It\'s Lu Qi, Zheng Yuanshi said in a low voice.

As the four of them looked over, they saw Lu Qi walking in their direction.

Lu Man, Lu Qi called her name coldly.

Intrigued, Lu Man raised her eyebrow.

Lu Qi had always liked to be pretentious, however this time, she didn\'t even address her as \'older sister\'.

You have no dignity or self-love, so you don\'t deserve me to call you \'older sister\' at all! Lu Qi said, her face full of awe-inspiring righteousness.

He Zhengbai shook his head as well and expressed his disappointment.

Lu Man, I really did not think that you would sell yourself to be famous.

Isn\'t that Lu Man\'s younger sister from the same father but different mother The students around gossiped, pointing fingers.

Yes, it\'s her, Lu Qi.

Now that even Lu Qi said that, it\'s probably real, right

I was always wondering how Lu Man got such amazing resources! Not only did she film two movies on her debut but she also isn\'t an original student of our school who has been learning Performing Arts from the beginning.

She transferred over when she wanted to, and I heard she did not even need to take a test and was accepted through the back door.

This year, our school\'s acceptance rate was 1 out of 495 students and all the previous years it has almost been the same.

It\'s so hard to get in, yet she could transfer in as she wished, is she claims she did not have someone open the back door for her, who would believe it Anyway, I don\'t believe it.

Exactly! It isn\'t like she has a great family background.

Although the Lu family is well off, her dad doesn\'t recognize her anymore, so he would definitely not make any investments for her to be cast in films. Someone mocked Lu Man.

Moreover, if he was really this powerful, he would spend it all on Lu Qi, why would he spend on her

I heard that Lu Man had a boyfriend before, our school idol Han Zhuofeng is her boyfriend\'s younger brother.

Perhaps they already broke up.

Haha, perhaps they have yet to break up, and she\'s cheating on him already.

If she hasn\'t broken up yet, it would be interesting, Han Zhuofeng is still in school, if he knows that his brother is being cheated on by Lu Man, I wonder how much trouble he would cause for Lu Man.

Lu Man is really brave, daring to let her rich backer send her to school.

Does she think that people can\'t see it

Haha, no wonder she has such good resources! I knew something was on.

Shut up! Suddenly there was an angry yell, which scared the gossiping students.

When they turned their heads to look, it was Han Zhuofeng who arrived.

None of the students knew Han Zhuofeng\'s family background, they just knew that his background was not bad.

Anyway, they had never seen him appear in the school canteen before.

Seeing Han Zhuofeng taking big strides in anger, everyone thought gloatingly, he was probably here to settle accounts with Lu Man!

Instantly, Lu Qi became even more forceful and harsh.

Lu Man, I heard that you told your classmates that you are dating Han Zhuofeng\'s older brother.

I did not think that you would be like this, did you really think that even though you boastfully claimed this, it would not reach Han Zhuofeng\'s ear You are a woman with no dignity and love for herself, why would his brother be blind to like you


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