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Subconsciously they touched their face that had been slapped yesterday, and thus they decided to hold in their excitement.

Thus, they held it in for a day, two days, three days, and finally on the fourth day, on Thursday, they could not stand it anymore.

Rubbing his hands, Wang Shuyi was the first one to strike out at Red Tiger.

He even attached Red Tigers box office collection report to his Weibo post.

“How many days has Red Tiger been doing promotions Yet I do not see its ticket sales increasing at all.

Lu Man, didnt you claim big things before, now do you feel like being slapped by your own overconfidence”

Li Guangshu: “The past few days, Red Tigers daily box office collection has been steadily falling down.

Clearly, your rigorous publicity at no impact at all.

Lu Man is still too young, just because her few tactics worked the last time, success has gone to her head.

However, now the reality has taught a good lesson.”

Zhang Xiaoying: “Her past consecutive success really went up to her head!”

Qiao Luna: “Its about time for Lu Man to wake up.”

All the celebrities and their fans who despised Lu Man instantly came out to berate and mock her.

“Seeing Lu Man trying to gain the upper hand with her tricks, from a passive netizen Im now turning into a hater.”

“Challenging Bourbotte, huh She really doesnt know her place and ability.”

“Im starting to hate Lu Man more and more.”

“Cant young people be more humble”

“Originally, Lu Man had a hand full of good cards, but she played them till they turned bad.

Not knowing when to forfeit after getting sufficient good results, she has now become a joke.”

“Red Tigers results werent bad at all, but Lu Man became too greedy.”

Zhang Lun: “Haha, we were just expressing our views on the movie, but Lu Man couldnt stand them, not allowing others to say anything against her.

She thought her schemes could still work but alas, she overplayed her hand.

Unlike what she thought, the majority of the audience is still rational and did not fall prey to her tricks.”

To them, it seemed like Lu Man did not comment or post anything because she had learned her lesson and was embarrassed.

On the other hand, Liu Chuanhui could not stand it and supported Lu Man on Weibo.

“You all are middle-aged men who can be Lu Mans senior, yet you refuse to let her off.

Grabbing onto a little mistake and refusing to let go.

Did Lu Man ever offend you all”

One of Lu Mans supporters also spoke up.

“You guys dont allow people to make a small mistake Havent you all made a mistake before Back then, since you were scared of Lu Man, with just one post from her you all surrendered without a fight.

this, but unlike you, Lu Man did not harp on it and let it go.

On the other hand, you guys, her elders, are so narrow-minded that you dont miss a single chance to objurgate her.

This is way too embarrassing!”

“Red Tiger was just publicizing like any other movie old, but you had to have a go at her even for a mere promotion of her movie In the past when Fighting Hero was about to premiere, you guys promulgated it way more than Red Tiger, from billboards to television ads, you had Fighting Hero advertised everywhere.

But, in the end, when your movie flopped, did Lu Man insist on lampooning you With your shallow thinking, no wonder you cant film great movies.”

“Youre just ganging up to bully a girl, its appalling!”

Ji Cheng also went to bat for Lu Man.

“If you have anything, come for me instead.

Im Red Tigers beneficiary, why are you bullying a young girl! Im embarrassed for you guys!”

The Internet was flooded with both positive and negative comments.

But it did not dampen the gloating spirits of Zhang Lun and others.

They had finally seen Lu Man embarrassed!

things, Lu Man only knew after she ended lessons.

Seeing Ji Cheng and Liu Chuanhui stand by her side, Lu Man was deeply touched and instantly called Ji Cheng to express her gratitude.

“Ha, why are you being so polite! After all, the reason you are being attacked by everyone is Red Tiger.

We have so many elders In our production group, we cant let you, a young girl, stand in front of us and bear the brunt.”

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