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Chapter 948: Great Disparity in the Voting Results

The emcee invited Sun Yiwu and the other two off the stage, then invited the other guests, including Qiao Luna, onto the stage.

Qiao Luna had already changed into her exercise shoes.

It was just that she was being helped by people when walking and was limping.

Without waiting for Qiao Luna to say anything, Guest Teacher Zhu smiled and explained, “Luna felt that her performance just now was not great, and after going backstage, her concentration was not great.

She fell down and twisted her leg.”

At that moment, even if Qiao Luna wanted to say something else, there was no use.

However, she did not dare to say anything else either.

This time, her senses had returned to her, and even though she hated Lu Man in her heart, she did not dare to take the risk of offending the production group, of offending Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, by saying something publicly.

The production team commenced the voting segment for the audience.

The audience pressed on the voting device in their hands.

“Giving my vote to Lu Man is a must, its a must to give it to Lu Man.”

“Lets look at the voting results of the 500 audience members present here,” Fan Yue said.

The small group turned their head back to look at the big screen behind them.

In the end…

Lu Man: 500 votes.

Qiao Luna: 0 votes.

Qiao Lunas face darkened instantly, and she almost threw her microphone down and walked off.

She had anticipated a long time ago that, in the end, Lu Man would definitely win, because who could win against a Sun Yiwu Ji Cheng Du Lin combination

But 500 votes to 0 votes, wasnt that too much!

The production team was faking the results, right!

Otherwise, could those audience members be blind

It cant be that not a single one of them voted for her, right!

At that moment, Lu Man turned around to yell towards the audience.

“You guys, did you all vote for me There arent some underhanded dealings here, right”

The audience thought about the Chinese Arts Championships and The Performer situation before, and they all laughed.

All of them raised their voices to yell, “No!”

“Yes, the scheme is that we all voted for you!”

Lu Man smiled bitterly.

“Did the production team discuss it with you all already”

Lu Man turned her head to ask Fan Yue, “Was it discussed already”

“No, no, definitely not.” Fan Yue shook his head very frantically.

“The audience bought tickets to watch the show.

We have no way of controlling them.”

Fan Yue even raised his hands.

“I swear, our technology did not do anything shady at all!”

Fan Yue also learned from Lu Man and raised his voice to ask the technical workers below, “Did you all fake the results”

The technical team hurriedly shook their heads even more frantically than Fan Yue did.

There were audience members sitting nearby who saw that, and they all could not help but laugh.

Smiling, Lu Man asked the audience, “Would the audience members who voted for me raise one hand to let me take a look”

Following that, there was a flurry of motions, and a whole sea of hands were raised.

It was actually that every audience member raised their hands up.

They all voted for her!

This was something that had never happened before in the variety show.

Classic X Files was especially upright.

Other shows would all secretly change the numbers to make the results look good, and theyd even directly fake voting results themselves, such that the results had nothing to do with the audience.

This show was good.

However the audience voted, they would show it out.

Actually, this was all instructed by Lu Dongliu.

The voting results were entered into the back-end program of the technical team.

The technical team saw that the votes were 500 to 0.

It was really shocking.

They hurried to ask Lu Dongliu about it.

They were surprised when Lu Dongliu directly hit the table.

“Just send it out like that!”

“Ah Were not editing it” The technical team was shocked.

That was fine too

Before this, there had also been special results in the show that showed a great difference in votes.

Although it was not as great a disparity as 500 to 0, the technical team would instantly edit ones like 325 to 175 that had great disparity backstage to prevent the guests facial expression from becoming too ugly.

“We arent changing it,” Lu Dongliu said.

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